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Emily May Queripel (1902- ) (St B) d of Edwin Charles and Elizabeth White, m Timothy Elliott

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Origin of surname

We do not know where the name originates from, or its meaning.

According to MacCullough[1], there is an expression in Guernesiais: fait de sen Queripel, which means to behave like a Queripel, and is used to describe a man whose vanity leads him to give himself airs, and take too much upon himself.

Early records

The surname Queripel dates back at least to the 14th Century in Guernsey. It is found in the Extente des Iles (1274), but as the forename of Carupel Mordant. The earliest references to Carupel as a surname can be found in the 1309 Assizes Roll, in which there are references to six people with that surname. By 1364, the spelling had settled as Queripel, as the name appears on a list of people paying rent to the Priory of Martinvast in that year, in the Cartulaire de Jersey.

Although the name is found in Jersey church records from the early 18th century onwards, it is believed that the Jersey Queripels of that era and since originated in Guernsey.


  • Carupel

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Notable Islanders

  • Captain Lionel Ernest Queripel - awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery at the Battle of Arnhem
  • June Allyson - famous American Stage/Screen Actress and married to the Actor/Producer Dick Powell. Born Ella (Elinor) Geisman born on 7 October 1917, in Bronx, NY, died on 8 June 2006. She was the daughter of Robert Geisman and Clara Provost and she was the 2x great-granddaughter of Henry Queripel born 1803, Forest, Guernsey, died New York.

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  1. MacCullough, Edgar, Guernsey Folklore, 1903
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