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Adding a family tree
to Jerripedia

In theory anybody can add a family tree, or any other historical page, to Jerripedia. In practice, those without experience of working on a Wiki website find this a very daunting proposition. If you think something needs adding, particularly something as involved as a family tree, we recommend that you contact us first - email - to discuss what you would like to do. The likelihood is that you will send us the information in simple text form and we will do the difficult work for you

The DIY approach

Family trees can be added to any of the existing family names, or if you have a name which is not already listed as one of the principal historic Jersey families, you can add it first.

You cannot upload a family tree direct from your family history program - there is no means of importing Gedcom files - but you can cut and paste any text which is in a format which your family tree program will export to and you can edit in a text processor.

For example, several family tree programs allow you to create reports and print them to disc as .rtf files. These can be opened in Word and other text processors, saved as simple text files (.txt), edited as appropriate and pasted straight into a Jerripedia new page.

Although in the early days of the site some exceptions were permitted, all of the family trees in Jerripedia are now descendancies, and future additions must use this format. Descendancies start from the earliest known member of a particular family and work down the generations, including all known children and their spouses in each generation, but then only following male lines down to the next. This keeps the descendancies 'narrow' and easy to follow. Each generation is indented by an extra character from the previous one. This is simply achieved by adding a '*' character before generation one, two '**'s before generation two, and so on.

Female lines are easily followed by linking to a separate tree for the husband's family name. A relevant tree may already exist.

A few guidelines:

  • Contributors were asked in the early days of the site to consider breaking long trees into a number of separate, shorter trees. But the general policy for the site has developed over the years in favour of including as much information as possible in a single tree, using footnotes to reduce the physical length of the tree on a page and make it easier to follow
  • Do not add a tree which is a copy of substantial parts of an existing tree. Please contact the editorial team to discuss the inclusion of any extra generations in the established tree
  • Do not include anyone born after 1920 to avoid including living people, unless they have given you their permission
  • Do not just copy trees or substantial sections of trees which you have been sent by other researchers, unless you have verified all their data
  • However, bear in mind that there is no copyright on facts and if you are confident of what you have found elsewhere, you are entitled to publish your family tree. Nobody owns a family tree
  • Please limit your trees to families which originate in the Channel Islands, unless you can show an important pedigree for long-established families before they reached the islands
  • Trees which show descendants of members of Island families who have emigrated to other parts of the world are particularly welcome
  • Try to establish links between one tree and another, particularly when you can show the ancestry within a family of someone who married into your lineage.
  • Limit the information on each line of the tree to basic names and dates. Titles, occupations and potted histories of individuals should be incorporated into footnotes

Perhaps the most important rule of all is 'keep it simple'! Until you are confident in the processes required to edit and create material in the Wiki format, don't overcomplicate that material and risk your page becoming confusing. We are ready to advise and help with tree creation when contacted by email (

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