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This house, now known as Albion House, is on Grande Route de St Laurent, opposite the parish church. It is given just two brief mentions in the first volume of Joan Stevens's Old Jersey Houses, which do not even include its location, and a further brief entry correcting an earlier error in the second volume.

A stone in the west gable carries the date 1644 and the initials WS. This probably represents William Snow.

A second finely carved stone in the facade has the initials LV, RDLC and IPV, and the date 1745 (wrongly shown as '1746' in an illustration in Old Jersey Houses). This records Louis Voisin and his wife Rachel de La Cour, who married in 1725, and their son Jacob Philippe Voisin, born the same year.

It is believed that the corner bearing the stone is older than the rest of the facade, which was probably rebuilt in 1745, the date on the stone.

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