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Anne de Beauchamp


Anne de Beauchamp Lady of the Isles 1447-1449

Anne de Beauchamp became the only female representative of the English monarch in the Channel Islands at the age of three in 1447 and she died two years later, when control passed to Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, who was married to her aunt Ann, who inherited her father's titles.

Records of Lords and Wardens of the Channel Islands in the 15th century are very sketchy and many of those who held office are not shown in such Jersey lists as do exist.

King's brother

One who certainly held the title of Lord of the Isles was Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, from 1437 until his death in 1447. He was the brother of Henry V and his predecessor as Lord of the Isles, John, Duke of Bedford, and uncle of Henry VI, who appointed him.

Before his death, Henry conferred the Lordship of the islands on Henry de Beauchamp, Earl and subsequently Duke of Warwick, his boyhood playmate, by letters patent of 24 November 1445. He stipulated that Henry should assume the office on the death of Humphrey.


However, Henry died on 11 June 1446, and his titles passed to his daughter and heiress, Anne, who was only two at the time. So, on the death of the Duke of Gloucester the following year, she became in effect Lady of the Isles, until her own death in January 1449. She was the great-granddaughter of Thomas de Beauchamp, who was Warden of Guernsey, Alderney and Sark from 1374-1376.

At this point there was some question of which of her father's other heirs should succeed to the titles. Eventually it was decided that his full sister Anne would inherit his Earldom, which then passed to her husband Richard Neville, together with the Lordship of the Channel Islands.

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