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From a history held in the library of La Société Jersiaise, possibly a translation of work by the Rev J A Messervy. It has been reproduced from a handwritten manuscript which is difficult to read in parts and contains obvious errors of translation, some of which have been corrected, but others have had to be left as written.

The name Aubin most likely comes from the Latin word albinus, derived from albus, which means white or fair. It has been borrowed from the Saint of that name, who was considered as the patron saint of the town of Saint Aubin because he was one of the first pioneers of christianity in our isle.

At first it was a Christian name and it is found as such, even in Jersey, in the 15th century. Aubin Orange lived about 1520; Aubine, wife of Michel Gaudin 1537; Aubin le Veslet, of St Lawrence, in a contract of 1607.

The spelling of the name was variable, being found as Albyn, Aulbin, Aubyn, Obin or Aubin.

Earliest occurrences

In England Aubins are found as early as the 13th century, but the earliest mention of this family in Jersey is that of Richard Aubin of St Brelade, who appears in the Extente of 1331. He owed to the King 8 sols per annum for a bouvée de terre (20 vergees) which he possessed on the King's fief in that parish.

In the 15th century the name seems to have disappeared from St Brelade to appear in the eastern parishes, chiefly Grouville and St Saviour, and also St Martin and St Clement.

At the start of the 16th century the two principal branches of the family were established at Les Pigneaux, St Saviour, and Grouville (probably Boulivot). These two familiesw were probably closely connected but no documents exist to confirm which was the older, nor the relationship between them.


The Aubin family has given to the isle several ecclesiastics.

  • Sire or Maitre Jean Aubin, eldest son of Anthoine Aubin, of Grouville, who studied at Coutances, where he was ordained a priest on 19 March 1519.
  • Sire Jean Aubin, son of Marin Aubin, of St Saviour, who must not be taken for his homonym and contemporary of Grouville, who seems to have pursued his studies to the degree of Master of Arts, for he is often called in the Court rolls Maitre Jean Aubin.

Here is a summary of a contract relative to Sire Jean Aubin of Grouville and his father Antoine:

"On 18 July 1506 Sanyn (?) Morant sold to Antoine Aubin a meadow situated at St Clement towards the north of the Manor of Saumarez."

In 1551 were mentioned the same man as son of Antoine, and Colette Aubin, widow of John Ferrant, as Antoine's daughter.

Here is an extract about one of the two Sire Jean Aubins. We do not know to which of these ecclesiastics of this name it refers:

"25 July 1550: The Attorney-General (Procureur du Roy) protests to have such a fine upon Sire Jean Aubin and others who would be found murmuring and contradictious or preventing the word of God or indulging themselves into the superstitions of the Bishop of Rome against the acts of our Sovereign the Sire King (Edward VI) mentioning it.
  • The Rev Philippe Aubin, second son of Thomas Aubin, of Ville-es-Philippes, Grouville, was Rector of St Ouen 1824-27, of St Clement 1827-42 and vice-Dean of Jersey. He died a bachelor in 18942, 45 years old. In St Clement's CHurch there is a tablet erected to his memory.

At different dates were established in Jersey somem persons bearing the name of Aubin and who certainly were not descended from the old Jersey stock. For instance, in 1636 was buried at Grouville, Lucas Aubin, from Normandy. In 1705 took place at Grouville, too, the marriage of Samuel Aubin, an Englishman and soldier, with Jeanne Le Sueur. That Samuel Aubin seems to have married, in a second marriage, Mauriette Remon of St Lawrence and have settled in that parish. Mauriette Remon, widow of Samuel Aubin, died at St Lawrence in 1756. In 1771 was buried at Trinity Demoiselle Marie Aubin de Querbouchard. She was a refugee from France.

Present representatives

Among other representatives of nowadays for the progeny of Grouville, St Saviour and St Clement, let us name John and Abraham Aubin, the children of the late Ernest Aubin, son of John; Warren Hunter Aubin, John WIlliam AUbin, of the Priory, St Clement; Alfred Jackson AUbin and Clement Perrier Aubin.

The issue of Pigneaux, St Saviour, and Trinity is represented by the descendants of the late Thomas Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Viscount of Jersey, and the late Mary Aubin, his wife, and by Philippe Aubin, of Parkfield, Trinity, sometime Deputy of that parish.

Among other representatives of the branches of St Martin and of Maufant, St Saviour, let us name Percy, Adrian Aubin, Clemente RIchardson, nee Aubin, Wallace Aubin Sohier, Jurat Walter Duret Aubin.

Court extracts

Here are some extracts of the Rolls of the Court and of the Registers of Contract about the Aubin family.

  • A clos on the fief of Grainville, St Saviour, was given by Jean Mourant, son of Gilles, to Gilles d'Ingouville. This clos was situated at the east of the house of the heirs of Edmund Le Loreur.
  • On 10 June 1620 Jean Mollet, Rector of Trinity 1612-37, son of Richard, gave to Philippe Aubin, deacon at St Saviour, son of Jean, his houses and buildings called La Mouranderie, situated at St Saviour on the fief of La Houguette, namely: two houses, the old one and the new one, and two gardens, one above, the other below, the close situated at the south of the new house Les Coursieres, Les Costils, adjoining those of Jean Aubin; the piece of Les Hureaulx, a land opposite the garden of Servais Le Breton, the whole to pay annuity due, plus three-quarters of wheat as annuity to the aforesaid Mollet.
  • 23 October 1542 - Pierre de Lysle, the youngest of the party of Normandy, from the town of Coutances, in criminal proceedings, sent by justice into the criminal jail in the castle on account of a case of theft, for having stolen a silver night cup from Thomas Le Marchant and, in the like manner during the same night, three silver cups from Audrian Aubyn; and on another day another silver cup from Sire Jacques Amy, a priest, with a piece of taffeta: item for having broken into their three houses when perpetrating that said robbery; those silver cups were found hidden in a pit dug in the ground where the said Pierre de Lysle had put and hidden them ...(?)
  • Summary of a contract on 8 January 1680: The guardian of Jean Collas, son of Jean, gives to Jean Aubin, son of Clement, a house and lands which were David Robertson's, situated in the parish of St Saviour, on the fief of Le Guenetier. That house and those lands were situated in the quarter called nowadays La Davisonnerie, a word which comes, so we think, from David's son, an abridgement of David Robertson.
  • Summary of an Act of 17 October 1719: Elie du Heaume, for the sake of Elizabeth Poingdestre, his wife, having a claim on the half of a house and buildings which were Edouard Bertram Jnr's and Jeanne Renouf's, his mother, a lawsuit about repairs of the turret of the aforesaid house at the instance of Charles AUbin, having a claim on the other half of the said house and buildings.
  • In 1729 there was a new lawsuit about keeping and repairs necessary for the turret of the aforesaid house between Charles Aubin and Mrs Elizabeth Poingdestre, owners by half and half.
  • 1812. Philippe Aubin, of St Martin, and Rachel Le Scelleur, his wife, had handed over to and sold, in December 1811, to William Charles Gallichan a house and lands belonging to the said Rachel Le Scelleur, situated at St Martin in the fief of QUetivel; their children asked the withdrawal in 1812 and the contract was broken and cancelled.
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