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Many pictures survive of the first aircraft to land in Jersey in 1912 as the island provided a staging point for a race for early airplanes from St Malo. We have a selection in our gallery below, and every now and again it grows with the emergence of another different image. This one, which was published 104 years ago in the Chronique de Jersey, is already in the gallery, but of much poorer quality. Now an original photographic print of the image has emerged, which can be reproduced at a much better quality than a copy from the newspaper. It is one of the best we have seen. It shows just how large was the crowd which gathered on the wet sand in St Aubin's Bay to witness this momentous occasion, and saw the tiny, primitive aircraft appear from behind Elizabeth Castle, before landing on the water's edge, followed by other competitors in the race. The aircraft in this picture is still just a speck above the rocks to the west of the castle, but it would have been just seconds away from landing in front of the crowd of onlookers.
The first aircraft to touch down in Jersey
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