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Bel Air, St Martin


This property is in Rue Belin, St Martin, and should not be confused with several other houses in Jersey with the same name

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Property name

Bel Air


Rue Belin, St Martin

Type of property

Two-storey house


The property last changed hands in 2010 by deed of gift

Families associated with the property

  • Jordan: James Sydney Herivel Jordan, Angela Theresa Jordan and Ivor Sydney Jordan were living in the house in 1941


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Two-storey house overlooking valley to south, with single storey extensions to both sides.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included

Notes and references

  1. The stone is not listed in the Jersey Datestone Register, nor in the list of 903 stones in the second volume of Old Jersey Houses. There is a stone listed in both as ALHQ 1846, on the Fontaine de Gallie Lavoir a short distance away. This is misleading, however, because this is not an individual carving but part of an inscribed stone plaque with the date 1846 and eleven sets of initials. It would appear that this is the same Abraham Le Huquet, whose ownership of Bel Air gave him the right to use the lavoir
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