Belvidere Terrace

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Jersey houses:

Belvidere Terrace, St Helier


This terrace is on the Inner Road between First Tower and Millbrook

Property name

Belvidere Terrace

Previous names

None known


St Aubin's Road, St Helier

Type of property

Suburban terrace, probably Victorian in origin

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Notes and references

Notes and references

  1. Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson lived here as a child for most of the 1950s, first at No 3 the first house with dormer windows to the right of centre, and then at No 1, on the left. 'Strangely we always spelt the name Belvedere, although it is quite clear looking up at the name at first floor level on the outer wall of the terrace that Belvidere is correct. Perhaps we never looked!', Mike recalls
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