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  • Balleine, George, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey
  • Blacker, Jean, Wace A Critical Bibliography
  • Burgess, GS and Weiss J, Maistre Wace – A Celebration
  • Corbet, Francis A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Vol 2
  • Hillsdon, Sonia The Jersey Lily, biography of Lillie Langtry
  • Jeune, Reginald, Toujours Jeune, autobiography of Jersey politician
  • Le Brocq, Edward, Memoirs of Edward Le Brocq, Diary recording Jersey characters and events from the late 19th century until the middle of the 20th
  • Lucas, Steven, The Devenport Years 1967-1991, Headmaster of Victoria College
  • Pocock HRS, Memoirs of Lord Coutanche, Autobiography of Jersey's World War 2 Bailiff
  • Stevens, Philip, Victor Hugo in Jersey
  • Syvret, Marguerite, Edmund Blampied, A Biography of the Artist 1886-1966 1986
  • Vibert, Ralph, Memoirs of a Jerseyman, autobiography of Jersey politician
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