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  • Lempriere, Raoul, Customs, Ceremonies and Traditions of the Channel Islands 1976
  • John Linwood Pitts, Witchcraft and Devil Lore in the Channel Islands, 1886
  • Strangers' guide to the Islands of Guernsey and Jersey published 1833
  • Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, Strange goings on in the parishes A children's book
  • Hillsdon, Sonia, Jersey's Witches, Ghosts and Traditions Islanders' war with the Devil and the consequent trial of Jersey witches, plus traditional tales from the 12 parishes
  • De Garis, Marie, Folklore of Guernsey, (1975)
  • MacCulloch, Edgar, Guernsey Folklore (1903), 1903
  • L’Amy, John H Jersey Folk Lore, 1928
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