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The Sea

  • McLoughlin, Roy, The Sea was their Fortune - Maritime History of the Channel Islands
  • Davis, William, The Harbour that Failed Story of St Catherine's Breakwater
  • Ovenden, John and Shayer, David, Shipwrecks of the Channel Islands 22 disasters from Roman to modern times
  • Podger, Alec, Jersey : That Nest of Vypers A collection of 20 essays - the fruit of a lifetime's study of Jersey's history - with special reference to matters maritime
  • Tessier-Yandell, John, HMS Jersey Stories of various ships bearing the name HMS Jersey
  • Williams, Caroline, From Sail to Steam Studies in the 19th Century History of the Channel Islands
  • Le Scelleur, Kevin, Channel Islands' Railway Steamers
  • Jamieson, A G A People of the Sea: The Maritime History of the Channel Islands, 1990
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