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Books and newspapers

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This is Jerripedia's bibliography of Jersey, including a guide to books on the island's history and family history, and particularly those which can be read on-line at sites including Google Books.There is also a link to a list of all the main newspapers published in the island over the years, and fictional works set in Jersey or written by islanders.

It is hoped that this section of Jerripedia will grow into the most comprehensive list available of books about Jersey and also those titles on general subjects written by islanders. Jerripedia users are invited to make their own contributions to this bibliography - see box below.


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This section includes fictional works set in Jersey and also general fiction titles written by Jerseymen and women and island residents.

Contribute to this section

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You can help Jerripedia's bibliography grow

Everybody can contribute to Jerripedia and help this Channel Island history resource keep growing. You can add new titles to the bibliography to help it become the definitive guide to books about the island and written by islanders. Go to the Community portal for general advice on how to become involved with Jerripedia and also look at information on how to go about adding titles to those already on the pages linked to from this menu. You can also add to the lists of retailers of Channel Island titles included throughout the bibliography.

Family history

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Family history is one of the most important elements of Jerripedia and this section of the bibliography contains a list of titles published on Jersey genealogy, both in print and out of print. Chief among these titles is J Bertrand Payne's Armorial of Jersey. There are also books on immigrant groups, such as the Huguenots, to whom many islanders can trace their ancestry, and the useful publications on individual families.


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The number and variety of newspapers and periodicals published in Jersey since the first appeared in 1784 is impressive and the Jerripedia listing is believed to be as complete as any available. The newspaper page also includes a growing list of almanacs and trade directories published in the island.

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