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Bosdet family page

Henry Thomas Bosdet was a renowned artist and stained glass window designer


Louisa Bosdet

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Elizabeth Bosdet

Origin of Surname

This surname has two distinct possible origins, both French. Firstly, the name may be occupational for a worker in wood from the French "bois", or topographical for someone living in a wood (Latin "bosci", shrub, undergrowth).

Alternatively, the derivation may be from the Old French personal name Bos, itself coming from the Germanic "bose", reckless, daring, with the addition of the diminutive suffix "et".

Early records

A Philippe Bosdet was recorded in St John in 1331.

In the 17th Century they were Huguenot refugees; in the St Brelade marriage record for Jacques Bosdet to Elizabeth Valet in 1699, Jacques’ mother, Jeanne Bausdet was referred to as a refugee from Normandy. The alternative spelling of Baudet seems to have been more prevalent earlier in the family's history.

It is suggested that Jacques and his brother Matthieu are the ancestors of all the Bosdets today living around the world. However, Pierre Bosdet (1679- ) married Susanne Amy (1683- ) in Jersey, suggesting that there was at least one other Bosdet family in the island at the time.

There are no Bosdets remaining in Jersey, the last of the family having left before the German Occupation.


  • Bausdet
  • Baudes
  • Baudet
  • Bosdet
  • Bodet

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