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The Braye du Valle was the name for the body of water that separated the northern part of Guernsey, the Clos du Valle from the main southern part of the island. It ran from Grand Havre on the west coast through to St Sampsons Harbour on the east coast. The water level was shallow, and could be crossed on foot at low tide, and there were three crossing points: Pont Allaire (near the Vale Church), Pont Colliche]], and Grand Pont ("The Bridge") at St Sampsons Harbour, the name by which it is still known.

During the Napoleonic Wars the land was reclaimed, as part of the improvements made to the island's defences by the Lieutenant Governor, Sir John Doyle, in 1805-06 when the threat of Napoleonic Invasion was high.

The Vale Pond is the only inland body of water that remains, and is now the Colin McCathie Nature Reserve, owned by La Société Guernesiaise.[1]

References and Further Reading

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