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Jersey houses

Brook Farm, St Brelade


Brook Farm in 2015, when it was advertised for sale for £1.95 million and said to date from 1764

This property is featured in the second volume of Old Jersey Houses, wrongly indexed as St Peter. It is a listed building

Brook Farm in 1895

Property name

Brook Farm


Mont Nicolle, St Brelade

Type of property



It is not known whether all or part of the property was involved, but Brook Farm was sold for £1 million in 2006 and £1.365 million in 2009

Families associated with the property


HMR AVN 1764 - For St Brelade Centenier Henry Marett and Anne Villeneuve, daughter of Jean and Elizabeth, nee Vincent. Their son Jacques (1773- ) sold the farm to his cousin Edouard Pipon in 1800
HLB MMG 1731 - This stone has not been formally identified, but a good fit would be Hugh Le Brun, of St Brelade, and Marie Mauger, who married in the parish in 1731. The Le Brun family is, however, not known to have had an association with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Old Jersey Houses

A brief article in Volume 2, wrongly shown in the index as St Peter, refers to the Marett datestone and notes that Henry Marett ( -1743) appears in contracts of 1704-08 concerning the placing of boundary stones to marke the limits of the St Peter perquage which passed his land

Notes and references

  1. Shown as Eliza Ann in the census but Eliza Maria in her marriage record
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