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Ceres wrecked


A three-masted barque, similar to the Ceres

This item was published in the Jersey Independent on 10 January 1857

'Shipwreck of a Jersey vessel: We regret to announce the wreck of another Jersey vessel. The Ceres of Jersey, belonging to Messrs de Ste Croix, on her voyage from Honduras to this island, with a cargo of mahogany and indigo, struck on the 'Triangles' on 16 November and went to pieces. The crew escaped in the boat, but the ship and cargo were lost.'

Several vessels called Ceres were built in and operated from Jersey in the mid-19th century. This ship appears to have been the 280-ton three-masted barque, the first of five vessels built in John Baxter's yard at Havre des Pas, in 1824, and owned by A de Ste Croix. This was a common name for a ship in the 19th century and several foreign barques of the same name were built and operated later than the Jersey Ceres.

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