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Descendants of Jean Bailhache

This was first submitted in 2012 as a very short tree, and was considerably expanded by Guy Dixon in 2021, including the extra generation at the top

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  • 1 Jean Bailhache (1655?-1727) (L`Etacq) [1] m 1 Unknown; 2 (1695) Susanne Le Vesconte, widow of Thomas Le Brun
    • 2 Clement Bailhache (1681- ) [2] m Susanne Le Vesconte
      • 3 Jean Bailhache (1702-1773) [3] (L`Etacq) m (1748, St J) Esther Jeanne de Quetteville (1732-1800) d of Thomas and Anne Machon (St Mt)
        • 4 Jean Bailhache (1751-1780) [4]
        • 4 Françoise Bailhache (1753- ) m 1 (by 1792) Jean Le Vesconte; 2 (by 1799) Philippe Le Cerf senr.
        • 4 Clement Bailhache (1755-1755)
        • 4 Clement (1756-1819) [5] Jurat m (1787, St Mt) Elizabeth Nicolle (1765-1837) d of Jean and Sara Gallichan, d of Jean (St Mt)
          • 5 Elizabeth Bailhache (1788- ) m (1810, Tr) Daniel Pellier, s of Daniel (Tr)
          • 5 Delicia Bailhache (1790- ) [6]
          • 5 Clement Bailhache (1794-1852) [7] m (1825, St H) Jeanne Marguerite de Ste Croix (St H)
            • 6 Clement Nicolle Bailhache (1827- ) [8]
            • 6 Henry Bailhache (1828-1885) [9] m (1864, St S) Ellen Bevarn Fenner d of Arthur Paris, Gent. (Eng.)
          • 5 Caroline Bailhache (1798- ) m (1819, St L) William du Heaume MD [10]
        • 4 Josue Bailhache (1758- ) (St O) [11] m (1788, St O) Rachel de Caen (1762- ) d of Jean and Esther Le Boutillier
          • 5 Josue Bailhache (1790- ) [12]
          • 5 Françoise Bailhache (1792- ) [13]
          • 5 Jean Bailhache (1795- )
          • 5 Susanne Bailhache (1797- )
          • 5 Rachel Bailhache (1798-1859) (St O) m Jean Bauche (1797-1844)
        • 4 George Bailhache (1760- )
        • 4 Charles Bailhache (1763-1764)
        • 4 Charles Bailhache (1764-1788)
        • 4 Rachel Bailhache (1768- ) m (1792, St O) Philippe Bailhache s of Jacques (La Robeline)
      • 3 Clement Bailhache (1706-by 1717) (St O) [14]
      • 3 Jacques Bailhache (1708-1774) m (1747, St O) Susanne Le Brocq ( -1813) d of Philippe (La Robeline) [15]
        • 4 Magdelaine Bailhache (1748-1825) [16] m (1779, St O) George Le Boutillier s of George
        • 4 Jean Bailhache (1750-1750) [17]
        • 4 Susanne Bailhache (1752-1839) [18]
        • 4 Jean Bailhache (1754-1782) [19]
        • 4 Jacques Bailhache (1756?- ) [20] (Gsy?) m Marie Ailles
        • 4 Philippe Bailhache (1758-1821) [21] m (1792, St O) Rachel Bailhache d of Jean (L`Etacq)
          • 5 Philippe Bailhache (1792-by 1794) [22]
          • 5 Philippe Bailhache (1794-1822) [23]
          • 5 Mary Bailhache (1797- ) [24]
          • 5 Frederic Bailhache (1799-1855) Revd. [25] (La Robeline) m Martha Sophie Arnold (St PP, Gsy)
            • 6 Frederick Arnold Bailhache (1829- ) [26] m 1 (1852, St O) [27] Mary Ann Guilleaume ( -1854) d of Edward (St P)
              • 7 Mary Ann Mansell Bailhache (1853- ) [28]
            • by 2nd wife of Frederick Arnold Bailhache, (1861?) Christabel Le Montais (1834-1901) d of Francis John, Advocate, (St P) and Heloise Rondel d and h of Thomas (St My)
              • 7 Frederick Francis Bailhache (1862-1909) (Mx) [29]
          • 5 Elise Bailhache (1802- ) m (1824, St P) Clement Bailhache (1792-1828) (below)
        • 4 Clement Bailhache (1760-1799) [30] m (1787, St My) Marie Bailhache (1764-1814) d of Nicolas (St O)
          • 5 Clement Bailhache (1788-by 1792) [31]
          • 5 Jean Bailhache (1789- ) [32] (St My) m (1809, St My) Susanne Le Brun (St My) [33]
            • 6 Susanne Bailhache (1810- ) (St My)
            • 6 Jean Bailhache (1811- ) (St My)
            • 6 Marie Bailhache (1813- ) (St My)
            • 6 Philippe Bailhache (1815- ) (St My)
            • 6 Rachel Bailhache (1819- ) (St My)
            • 6 Clement Thomas Bailhache (1820- ) (St My)
          • 5 Clement Bailhache (1792-1828) [34] m (1824, St P) Elise Bailhache (1802- ) [35] d of Philippe
            • 6 Clement Bailhache (1828- ) [36]
          • 5 Billey Bailhache (1794- ) [37]
          • 5 Mary Bailhache (1796- ) m (1819, St H) Jean Vautier s of Jean (L`Etacq)
          • 5 Susanne Bailhache (1799- ) [38] m (1821, St O) Edouard Jean s of Edouard [39]
      • 3 Philippe Bailhache (1711- ) (St O)
      • 3 Magdelaine Bailhache (1714- ) (St O) [40]
      • 3 Clement Bailhache (1717- ) (St O)
    • 2 Jacques Bailhache (1688- ) (St O) [41] living 1712

Notes and references

  1. Possibly son of Jean Bailhache senior [Le Brocq manuscript notes by Messervy], being "Jean Bailhache de l`estaq" [St Mary`s Register] who married on 20/11/1650 Marguerite Le Brocq. The marriage was recorded in that parish and St Ouen on the same day, although in St Mary, Marguerite was mistakenly recorded as Rachel. Jean Bailhache owned in 1713 a [translated] "dune and vraicq [seaweed] drying area and [adjoining] pebble-beach at L`Etacq where a [presumably large] fish, with lard and oil was washed up." This will have been in the close vicinity of the current slipway leading to the breakwater, where a dune still serves a useful purpose as a boat park during the winter. The 19th century sea-wall was, as that time, unbuilt: Seigneurial Records and Court Rolls of Vinchelez de Haut (1713), cited by Stevens, Arthur and Stevens in Jersey Place Names 1, (Jersey: Société Jersiaise, 1986), 210-1. The whale? described will have involved the Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut, and will therefore be featured in the Court Rolls, as the seigneur had the right to all that was washed ashore on his fief. Note: This land at L`Etacq, where most of the Bailhaches then lived, was on the Fief d`Aval, which was a sub-fief of Vinchelez de Haut, owned by the de Carteret family
  2. Allegedly born in 1681, son of Jean. The christening has not been found, but the parentage is correct as his son Jacques (1708- ) was fils Clement, fils Jean, de L`Etacq and had as godfather Jacques Bailhache [bap 1688] fils dudit Jean. The rector, or his delegates, appear to have omitted to enter the marriage of Clement and Susanne, but this was quite a common feature of Church of England record-keeping
  3. Ancestry has misread the St Ouen Register entry, to make Jean the son of a Francois. His true entry in 1702 is interesting (translated): "About the end of the month of May or the start of that of June was baptized Jean, son of Clement Bailhache and of Susanne Le Vesconte, his wife", godparents being "Me Jean Bailhache, Grand-Père and Mse Susanne Le Vesconte, his second wife". The identity of this namesake of her (step?) daughter-in-law is helpful in resolving a puzzle previously noted on this page. Jean is buried in 1773 as "Me Jean Bailhache, fils Clement, de L`Etacq"
  4. Buried 30 November 1780 "Mr Jean Bailhache, fils Jean, fils Clement, de L`Etacq"
  5. Major in the Militia? Constable of St Ouen, 1793-1799; Jurat, 1809-1819. Clement Bailhache bought in 1812 from Matthieu Le Geyt the St Helier Fief de la Houguette and Le Geyt`s paternal property, Chestnut Farm, Mont à L`Abbé. The latter, he sold after some years to Jean de Quetteville; the former he retained. His own St Ouen property was said to have been Hastingue Farm, L`Etacq. This is the Clement Bailhache, of whom it was said in St Ouen, that even his horses were shod with silver!
  6. Godparents: Me François Aubin (St H) and Sara Gallichan (St Mt), widow in 1st marriage of Me Philippe Aubin and in 2nd marriage of Me Jean Nicolle, fils Jean--Grandmother of the child
  7. Esq., of Rouge Bouillon, St Helier, respectively 1825 and 1841 (St Helier Census); Seigneur de la Houguette and Captain RJM
  8. Seaman: 1851 St Helier Census. He perhaps died in the following years, as his younger brother was the family`s representative in J.B. Payne, An Armorial of Jersey, (1st Installment, 1858), 34. His godmother was Elizabeth Nicolle, his grandmother
  9. Of 30, Rouge Bouillon; Lieut.-Colonel RJM and formerly Adjutant; Deputy-Viscount: 1881 St Helier Census. His Will was proved in 1885, leaving everything to his beloved wife, Ellen Bevarns Fenner, also naming her as executrix. There were no children mentioned nor do any appear in censuses: D/Y/A/45/47, at the Jersey Archive
  10. Surgeon, 84th Regiment
  11. Of Grantez, in 1792. His godparents were Me Jacques Bailhache and Mse Madelaine Bailhache, his sister
  12. His godmother was Esther Jeanne de Quetteville, described as the infant`s grandmother
  13. Godparents: Clement Bailhache, Gent., representing Me Jean Le Vesconte and Mse Françoise Bailhache, wife of the said Le Vesconte, Oncle et Tante de l`enfant
  14. Clement`s godparents were Jean Le Vesconte, fils Jean, and Magdelaine Le Brun, his wife
  15. Me Jacques Bailhache, fils Clement, settled, as a result of his marriage, at La Robeline
  16. Godparents: Me Jean Bailhache and Magdelaine, his sister
  17. Godparents of "Jean, son of Jacques Bailhache, fils Clement": Me Jean Bailhache son of the said Clement, and his wife
  18. "Mse Susanne Bailhache (de la Robeline)" buried February 1839 aged 86
  19. Godparents: Me Jean Le Vesconte and his mother. His burial entry at St Ouen reads: "Me Jean Bailhache, fils Jacques, de la Robeline"
  20. A missing baptismal entry, it seems. He is identified and placed on the tree by being godfather and uncle in 1792 of the infant Philippe, son of Philippe Bailhache and Rachel Bailhache; also so described, with his wife named, as godparents in 1797 of the couple`s daughter Mary. This may also be the "Me Jacques Bailhache de L`Isle de Guernsey", whose widow, Mse Martha Nans was godmother in 1823 (St Ouen), of John Frederick Vautier, son of Jean and of Mary Bailhache. Martha was described as the child`s Aunt. If this placement is correct, she will actually have been a Great Aunt and Jacques Bailhache`s second wife
  21. Lieutenant RJM (1811)
  22. Godparents: Me Jacques Bailhache, Uncle, and Mse Esther Jeanne de Quetteville, Grandmother
  23. Godparents of "Philippe, son of Me Philippe Bailhache, fils Jacques (de La Robeline) and of Rachel Bailhache, his wife," were: Me Clement Bailhache, fils dudit Jacques, Uncle of the child and Esther Jeanne de Quetteville, Grandmother
  24. Godparents: Me Jacques Bailhache and Mse Marie Ailles, his wife, Uncle and Aunt of the child
  25. His godparents were: "Me Philippe Le Cerf junr. and Mse Françoise Bailhache, [see generation 4 above], wife in 2nd marriage of Me Philippe Le Cerf senr., Uncle and Aunt of the child"
  26. Lieutenant RJM
  27. Witnesses: John Coutanche and Adolphus Arnold (see "Coutanche")
  28. Godparents: Revd. Frederick Bailhache and Dlle Martha Sophie Arnold, his wife
  29. Clerk in Broker`s business, 1881 (St Helier Census)
  30. Settled in St Peter. His St Ouen burial entry reads: "Me Clement Bailhache, fils Jacques, habitant de St Pierre, mais natif de St Ouen"
  31. Godparents of "Clement, fils Clement Bailhache, fils Jacques (de la Robeline), and of Marie Bailhache, sa femme" were: Me Jean Bailhache son of Nicolas, Uncle of the child, and Mse Susanne Le Brocq, widow of Me Jacques Bailhache, Grandmother of the child
  32. Godparents: Me Jean Bailhache, fils Nicolas, and Mse Marie de la Perrelle, his wife, maternal Uncle and Aunt of the child. This entry and the 1794 godparents of Billey Bailhache enable their mother`s Bailhache family to be identified
  33. Me Jean Bailhache, fils Clement was described, on marrying, as being of St Peter. He subsequently settled in St Mary. He and "Mse Mary Le Brun, his wife," were godparents of Mary Jean in 1827, being described as the child`s Uncle and Aunt. "Mary Le Brun" will have been a scribal error for Susanne Le Brun: see Descendants of Clement Bailhache - 2
  34. Lived in St Peter but was buried in St Ouen
  35. His 1st cousin
  36. Baptized at St Ouen; "posthumous child of Clement Bailhache, fils Clement, and of Elizabeth Bailhache, his wife." Godparents were the Revd. Frederick Bailhache and Elizabeth Asplet, daughter of Elie, of St Peter
  37. Godparents: Jean Bailhache, fils Nicolas, [maternal] Uncle and Marie Beaux, his mother, Grandmother of the child
  38. Godparents: Mr George Le Boutillier, fils George, and Mse Magdaleine Bailhache, his wife, Uncle and Aunt, (see above)
  39. Of La Ville au Neveu, St Ouen
  40. Magdelaine`s godfather was Thomas Le Brun of Le Val
  41. "Fils Jean, de L`Etacq". Godparents: Jean de la Haule of St Peter and his wife, the daughter of Mathurin Le Montais. Jacques was, in 1712, the godfather of a neighbour`s daughter, Susanne Bailhache, whose family was no doubt related to his. He is described as "Jacques Bailhache, fils Jean, of L`Etacq", whilst the godmother was "Susanne Le Vesconte, his mother," who gave her name to the child
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