Descendants of Guyon Ahier

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Descendants of Guyon Ahier

This tree was added to the site in 2014 and reviewed in 2019. The 16th century marriages mostly predate the registers. It is the work of the Rev J A Messervy. However, taken from his own much written upon `office copy`, some of which is almost a scrawl, there is ample scope for error, and caution is urged. The Barthelemy Ahier senior line needs verification from both the Land Registry and church registers, as there will be missing entries and possible ambiguity. Dates of christenings from 1613, as shown in the fourth and fifth generations have been added by the genealogist Pepperel (1955) for clarification

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  • 1 Guyon Ahier (1470-1539) [1] (St S) m Perrotte ( -1554) [2]
    • 2 Barthelemy Ahier (1500-1569) [3] m 1 (1529) Regnaulde Bisson (1510- ) daughter of Perrin (Tr); 2 Jeannette Le Guenetier ( -1591) daughter of Philippe
      • 3 Guyon Ahier (1530-1607) (St S) m 1 (1557) Françoise Romeril ( -1572) [4] daughter of Nicolas and sister of Edouard
        • 4 Thomas Ahier (1560-1596)
        • 4 Katherine Ahier (1564- ) died an infant
        • 4 Katherine Ahier (1570- ) living 1623
        • 4 Barthelemy (1572- ) died an infant
      • by the 2nd wife of Guyon Ahier m (1575) Thomasse Le Brun ( -1598) daughter of Mahey Le Brun and Jeanne Gosselin
        • 4 Barthelemy Ahier (1576-1640) [5] m 1 (1595) Elizabeth Le Tubelin; 2 [1612, Gr] Rachel Regnauld [1585- ] daughter of Philippe [and Jeanne] [6]
          • 5 Barthelemy Ahier (1613-1675) [7] m unknown [8]
            • 6 Barthelemy Ahier (St S) m 1 Daughter of Richard Gasnier [9]; 2 (1677, St S) Anne Le Geyt (1655-1719) daughter of Jean, son of Pierre (St S) [10]
              • 7 Barthelemy Ahier (1678-1728) m (c1700) Marie Nicolle ( -1726)
          • 5 Jean Ahier (1615- ) [11] m Anne Le Geyt ( -1725) [12]
            • 6 Philippe Ahier ( -1691) [13]
          • 5 Thomas Ahier (1618- ) [14] m (1641, St S) Susanne Dolbel
            • 6 Thomas Ahier (1642- ) (St S) m Jeanne Estur ( -1696) [15]
              • 7 Gédeon Ahier (1682- ) [16]
              • 7 Thomas Ahier (1691- ) [17]
          • 5 Gédeon Ahier (1621-1677) [18] m Pauline Buesnel (1621-1693) [19] d of Clement and of Marie Estur [20]
            • 6 Thomas Ahier (1655-1720) (St S) [21] m (1681, St L) Sara Anley ( -1729)
              • 7 Issue born 1682-1691 [22]
              • 7 Thomas Ahier (1692- ) [23]
              • 7 Elizabeth Ahier (1695- ) [24]
            • 6 Apolline Ahier (1659-1705) [25] m (1688, St S) Jean Alexandre [26]
            • 6 Jean Ahier ( -1687) "fils Gédeon" [27]
            • 6 Jeanne Ahier ( -1694) [28]
          • 5 Susanne Ahier (1624- ) m 1661 Matthieu Fauvel
          • 5 Clement Ahier (1627- )
        • 4 Thomas Ahier ( -1596) [29]
        • 4 Pauline Ahier m (1606) Edouard Poingdestre ( -1622) [30]
      • 3 Thomas Ahier (1532-1622) [31] m (1569) Marguerite Le Riollet dit L`Hermitte (1539-1623) [32] daughter of Pierre (1510-1568) and Susanne Ahier (1510- )
        • 4 Pauline Ahier (1570- ) [33] living 1628
        • 4 Jean Ahier (1572- ) [34] m (1615) Marie Valpy, daughter of Guille and Marie Durell [35]
          • 5 Jean Ahier (1615- ) [36]
          • 5 Marie Ahier (1619- ) [37] m (1640) Edouard Le Tubelin (1618- ) [38]
        • 4 Guyon Ahier (1573-1650) [39] m (1615) Sara Romeril d of Martin [40] and Sara Lemprière, d of Michel, Seigneur de Diélament
          • 5 Hugh Ahier (1618-1619)
          • 5 Josué Ahier (1619- ) M.A. (Oxon); Rector (St L) [41] m Elizabeth Hamptonne d and heiress of Laurens [42]
            • 6 Josué Ahier (1657-1721) [43] m (1712) Marie Madeleine, youngest daughter and co-heir of the Seigneur de Morteterre
              • 7 Rachel Elizabeth Ahier (1714- ) d and h m (1731) Nicolas Hamptonne ( -1737) [44]
            • 6 Jean Ahier (1660- ) (Oxon) [45]
            • 6 Elizabeth Ahier (1664?- ) m (1686) Raulin Benest [46]
            • 6 Edouard Ahier (1668- )
          • 5 Edouard Ahier (1620- ) died in infancy
          • 5 Sara Ahier (1623-1690) m (1663, St L) Philippe Mallet
          • 5 François Ahier (1624-by 1693) [47] m (by 1647) Sara Le Sebirel d of Amos [48] and of Anne Le Sebirel, his wife [49]
            • 6 Josué Ahier ( -1693) died about 1693
            • 6 François Ahier (1567- ) (St J) living 1710 (m. with issue)
            • 6 Edouard Ahier (1660- ) living 1693 [50]
            • 6 Françoise Ahier (1662- )) living 1693 m Pierre Cabot [51]
          • 5 Philippe Ahier (1628- ) living 1676
          • 5 Elizabeth Ahier (1628- ) twin
          • 5 Elie Ahier (1630-1631)
          • 5 Rachel Ahier (1634-1666) m (1650) Abraham Le Gallais (no issue)
        • 4 Marie (1576- )
        • 4 Rachel Ahier (1577- ) m Pierre Bisson, living 1628
        • 4 Abigail Ahier (1578- ) m (1611) Thomas Durell
        • 4 Marthe Ahier (1580-1658) [52] m (1626) Edouard Mallet
        • 4 Thomas Ahier (1582-1637) [53] m (1624) Rachel Pirouet
          • 5 Elizabeth Ahier (1628- )
        • 4 Clement Ahier (1586- )
      • 3 Renée Ahier (1535-1570) m (1554) John Vallon, living 1572
      • 3 Catherine Ahier (1537-1617) m 1 Ambroise Badier (St Mt); 2 George Badier, Seigneur du Fief Jourdain Payn
      • 3 Daughter Ahier (1539- ) living 1570 m Valentin Le Demptu [54]
    • 2 Françoise Ahier m (by 1539) Nicolas Romeril junior [55]
      • 3 Françoise Romeril ( -1572) m (1557) Guyon Ahier (above)
    • 2 Thomas Ahier ( -1546) priest
    • 2 Daughter Ahier m Philippe Le Bailly
    • 2 Macy Ahier ( -1569)
    • 2 Daughter Ahier m Michel Beaugié [56]
    • 2 Barbe Ahier ( -by 1572) [57] m Thomas Becquet
    • 2 Susanne Ahier (1510- ) [58] m (1534) Pierre Le Riollet dit L`Hermitte (1510-1568)

Notes and references

  1. See Extente (1528). Note: Messervy traced Guyon`s predecessors for a further three generations, see Descendants of Martin Ahier (b 1380), using early court records and evidently even earlier deeds that had survived within the family. Messervy noted that Guyon`s father, Louis Ahier, lived in the Vingtaine of Petite Longueville, St Saviour. The most senior line of his descendants remained there until at least the end of the 17th century
  2. Messervy wrote (translated): "Buried in the Church"
  3. Messervy wrote beneath Barthelemy and Regnauld`s name (translated): "Partage of the inheritances of Bart Ahier and Regnd, 1570/1, Cour d`Héritage." Also noted by Barthelemy`s name was that he was buried in the Church of St Saviour
  4. Messervy noted that she, too, was buried in the Church of St Saviour (1572)
  5. Messervy has written (translated): "living 1613 near Rue de David, [by] the mill-stream of the Seigneur de Longueville"
  6. Messervy has written that "all [the below are] children of Barth and of Rachel Regnauld"
  7. The "ainé in 1650, Cour d`Héritage"
  8. The name "Anne Le Geyt" is crossed out and entered in the next generation, as a second wife of his son, Barthelemy junior
  9. Messervy has noted at the foot of this A2 sheet of genealogy: "1660, Richard Gasnier, fils Pierre, Vingtenier de Millais, St Ouen"
  10. St Saviour Parish Register and RP 24/72 (1687)
  11. Messervy scrawls above his name (translated) "bought in 1676 a house from Josué Ahier, son of Guyon [and] Philippe A[hier], younger son of the said Guyon, dans la retraite." The latter phrase refers to an old Jersey law, enabling a kinsman to reclaim alienated family property, providing it had been formerly in the hands of his own direct forbears
  12. "Fille de Jean Le Geyt...veuve 1725"
  13. No issue. Messervy seems to suggest that Jean Ahier and Anne Le Geyt had "une fille" (on the A2 sheet with a faint line)
  14. Of Pigneaux, 1660. Messervy notes (translated): "Thomas Ahier, son of Barthelemy, Taverner in St Saviour, 1660"
  15. Messervy noted her death: "Jeanne Estur, femme de Thomas Ahier, ob 1696." He was perhaps uncertain as to which Thomas Ahier had married Susanne Dolbel. However, there was no space left at all on the A2 sheet of paper, beneath the name of Thomas, the Taverner, on which to write anything. The manuscript note of the Thomas who married in 1641 Susanne Dolbel and that of Jeanne Estur`s death, were therefore written a few inches below and a little to the right of the taverner`s name, and are thus tentatively placed as above
  16. Godparents: "Gédeon Ahier and Apoline Buesnel, widow of Gédeon Ahier." The choice of godparents assists in clarifying the first name of the late Gédeon Ahier`s Buesnel wife. The first-mentioned godparent, Gédeon Ahier, was probably either a brother of Thomas (1642- ) or a first cousin, son of his late uncle, Gédeon. He does not feature on Messervy`s tree, nor in St Saviour`s register of baptisms. This is scarcely surprising, as the Rector, Thomas Poingdestre, wrote in the register that he would now be keeping it (translated) "in consideration of the nonchalance of the Cousteur [Lecteur: reader and often song-leader in church; evidently in this parish, charged with keeping the register] who had omitted since 14 September 1645 until 12 September 1652". It was also added that 18 February 1654 to 8 July 1660 were missing.
  17. Godparents: "Thomas Ahier fils Gédeon and Sara Anley, his wife", being the son and daughter-in-law of the father`s late uncle Gédeon
  18. Written beside Gédeon`s name is (translated): "Took a house and land at Froide Rue [Bon Air Lane, close to the present corner at the top of St Saviour`s Hill, at La Ville Patier] from Philippe Le Geyt fils Pierre, on 11 March 1649/50"
  19. For the name of Gédeon Ahier`s wife, Messervy had written: "Esther--fille de Clement Buesnel." Godparent (1682) and other evidence shows that she was, in fact, Apoline (Pauline) Buesnel. Her mother was Marie Estur, which Messervy probably had in mind
  20. Daughter of Richard Estur and Germaine Messervy, daughter of Edouard, Jurat
  21. In spite of Thomas and his siblings` christening entries falling within the missing years of the register, and there having been no registered partage, Thomas features on the Messervy tree as son of Gédeon Ahier and his Buesnel wife. He was Lecteur of St Saviour in 1688
  22. Private research. However, Thomas Ahier and Sara Anley, his wife, may have had a son and grandson named Gédeon, as they were godparents in 1713 of Gédeon, son of Gédeon Ahier, son of Thomas. This was not included on Messervy`s work
  23. Ibid.
  24. Ibid.
  25. Private research by the transcriber
  26. Of Longueville. Their eldest child, Jean Alexandre, baptised in 1689, had as godparents Thomas Ahier [above] and Sara Anley, his wife
  27. Private research
  28. Buried as "fille Gédeon": private research
  29. There is surely here confusion with the other Thomas Ahier, son of Guyon, son of Barthelemy, his half-brother, who is also shown as having died in 1596
  30. Seigneur du Fief ès Poingdestres, Constable of St Saviour -1611-. Pauline and her husband were parents of Jean Poingdestre, Lieutenant-Bailiff, see Philip Stevens, Jean Poingdestre in ABSJ (2014, 325-343
  31. Thomas Ahier, Messervy notes, "lived at Froide Rue, Fief Luce de Carteret, in St Saviour." This fief, otherwise called "la Fille de Carteret" principally extends over the border of two western parishes, St Ouen and St Peter. There is though a small, isolated, segment of the fief in St Saviour, immediately to the south of St Saviour`s Church, namely in the area of Bon Air Lane, where two branches of the Ahiers lived
  32. The partage of the estate of Thomas Ahier and Marguerite, his wife, was dated 1623: Messervy
  33. Godfather: Barthelemy Ahier
  34. Of Longueville. Jean is featured on Messervy`s Ahier genealogy, unlike his wife and two children. Their details were the research of Pepperel in 1955. Jean`s uncle-by-marriage, Valentin Le Demptu, was his godfather
  35. Pepperell has the reference for this information as RP 11/201
  36. Godfather: Gille Valpy
  37. Godfather: Gilles Ahier
  38. RP 20/21
  39. Godfather: Gion Ahier. Messervy writes (translated): "In 1625, he [Guyon] sold to Benjamin La Cloche the maison de Frederue [Froide Rue] au sud de l`Eglise de St Sauveur, for 7 Quartiers of wheat rente. ..In 1647, his son François was his Procureur"
  40. Constable of Trinity
  41. Rector of St Lawrence, 1650-1693. Ahier matriculated at Oxford in 1639, aged 19 and gained there his Bachelor`s degree [Alumni Oxoniensis]. When at Oxford studying for his Master`s degree (1646), Josué translated fron French into English The Elements of Logic, (Oxford: 1647). For his descendants, see the Payne, Armorial of Jersey, under the section entitled Hamptonne
  42. Jurat and Lieutenant-Bailiff
  43. Of Hamptonne. Constable of St Lawrence 1687-1703
  44. Master Mariner
  45. Jean Ahier of Pembroke College, Oxford, `cler. fil. [clergyman`s son] matriculated in 1677 "aged 17" [Alumni Oxoniensis]
  46. Of Mon Plaisir, Constable of St Lawrence 1703-1705
  47. Procureur du Bien Public (1657), St Jean
  48. Amos Le Sebirel was son of Nicolas of St John
  49. Anne Le Sebirel was the heiress of Philippe Le Sebirel, her brother
  50. Cour d`Héritage (1693)
  51. Messervy has written by his name: "Vingtenier du Nord, St Jean 1662"
  52. Godfather: Gion Ahier
  53. Of Longueville
  54. Cour d`Héritage (1570)
  55. Cour d`Heritage (1539)
  56. Both living 1579 (Cour de Samedi)
  57. No issue
  58. Widow in 1568
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