Descendants of Jean Sorel and Marguerite Tacker

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Descendants of Jean Sorel


Wyndham Lucas Sorel DSO, Lieutenant-Colonel, RASC


Twins Dorothy and Mattie Sorel

The Jean who married Ann Jane Perchard may have been the son of Thomas and Anne Le Boutillier, as shown, or his cousin, the son of Jean and Elizabeth Nicolle, above.

Jean at the head of the tree was probably the son of Jean, a refugee from France, who died in 1768, and Marie Le Marchand, who died in 1753

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  • 1 Jean Sorel (St H) [1] m (1769, St S) Marguerite Thacker (St H)
    • 2 Marguerite Sorel (1771- )
    • 2 Jeanne Sorel (1772- )
    • 2 Susanne Sorel (1774- ) m (1796, St H) Richard Le Gallais [2]
    • 2 Marie Sorel (1775-1850) [3] m Thomas Le Riche
    • 2 Anne Sorel (1777-1779)
    • 2 Anne Sorel (1779- )
    • 2 Jean Sorel (1783- ) [4] m (1810, St H) Elizabeth Nicolle
      • 3 Jean Sorel (1811-1869) [5] m (1857, St H) Ann Brock, Widow [6] d of George, Merchant (Devon)
      • 3 Clement Sorel (1813-1884) [7] m (1839, Tr) Jane Kerby (1802-1872) daughter of Jean
        • 4 Charles Durell Sorel (1841-1903) [8] m (1876, St H) Rosa Annie Kate Nichols (1856-1901) [9] daughter of Richard (1811-1889) and Anna, nee Lucas (1833-1914)
          • 5 Ethel Maud Sorel (1877-1927) unmarried
          • 5 Wyndham Lucas Sorel (1880-1956) DSO [10] m (1926, St George, Mx.) Marie Unknown (1895- )
          • 5 Dorothy Florence Sorel (1882-1976) [11] m (1908, Hanwell) Bernard Thonas Milthorp [12] son of Charles Henry, Gent
          • 5 Mattie Bousfield Sorel (1882-1957) [13] m (1911, Eng) Walter Harry Brown (1875-1951) [14]
        • 4 Edith Sorel (1844- )
      • 3 Elizabeth Sorel (1814- )
      • 3 James Sorel (1815-1889)
      • 3 Anne Sorel (1817-1888) [15] m (1848, Gr) Francois Elie Bertram [16] s of Francois (St H)
      • 3 Esther Sorel (1819- )
      • 3 Mary Sorel (1820- )
    • 2 Madeleine Sorel (1785- )
    • 2 Thomas Sorel (1786- ) [17] m (1809, St H) Anne Le Boutillier ( -1857) [18]
      • 3 Thomas Sorel (1810-1866) [19] m (1842, St B) Susanne Anne Robinson
      • 3 Jean Sorel (1813-1836) [20] m (1839, Tr) Ann Jeanne Perchard (1813-1850) [21]
        • 4 Ann Sorel (1839- )
        • 4 Jane Sorel (1841- )
        • 4 Susan Sorel (1844- )
      • 3 Anne Sorel (1815- ) unmarried in 1851
      • 3 Jane Sorel (1818-1821)
      • 3 Philippe Sorel (1820- ) m [22] Elizabeth Bateson
        • 4 James Bateson Sorel (1856- )
        • 4 Agnes Mary Sorel (1858- ) m (1885, St H) Charles Gardner Vatcher son of Henry
    • 2 Elizabeth Sorel (1788-1852) m Jean Gruchy [23]

Notes and references

  1. Possibly Huguenot refugee, born in France. In 1776, he purchased a house and land that later became 8 Dumaresq Street, St Helier: Linda Romeril, in Temps Passé, An 18th century street, home to the descendants of Huguenots, (Jersey Evening Post, 14 July 2021)
  2. Privateer captain
  3. Died aged 74 years and 4 months, March 1850, Widow of Me Thomas Le Riche
  4. Merchant: His son Jean`s marriage entry, 1857. He was in the years 1843-1849 owner of the 138 ton brig Peggy
  5. Actuary, Jersey Savings Bank, 1851 and 1861: Censuses, St Helier; Merchant in 1857. A member of the Sorel family, perhaps Jean Sorel, founded in 1862 with Le Neveu, the English and Jersey Union Bank, of 5, Brook Street, run by them as Le Neveu, Sorel and Co. This short-lived bank was made insolvent, through no fault of their own, by the collapse of the Jersey Mercantile Union Bank (Le Bailly, Deslandes and Co) in 1873
  6. Professor of Music: 1861 St Helier Census
  7. Chief Agent of the Impôt
  8. Acting Manager, Jersey Banking Company: Historical Directory of the Channel Islands, (J W Hill and Co, 1874). Bank Sub-Manager: I881 St Helier Census, living at 82 Rouge Bouillon, St Helier. Gentleman: 1908 Marriage of daughter, retrospectively. Died in Paris
  9. Died in Paris
  10. Lieutenant-Colonel (1922) RASC He was afterwards the General Manager of a Motor Manufactury: England and Wales Register, 1939
  11. Twin
  12. Civil Servant
  13. Twin. Died in Surrey
  14. Two daughters
  15. Married aged 30 years
  16. In banking; one-time shipowner
  17. Soap and Candle Manufacturer, in 1851, at 1 Dumaresq Streert, St Helier: Linda Romeril, in Temps Passé, An 18th century street, home to the descendants of Huguenots, (Jersey Evening Post, 14 July 2021) He also owned, with Edward Nicolle, from 1826-1835, the 122 ton schooner Brutus, of which his brother Jean was master
  18. Anne Le Boutillier`s Will, dated 1847 and proved in 1857, mentions her as being the Widow, by then, of Thomas Sorel. Her beneficiaries were her sons Thomas, Philip and the children of her late son John, with her unmarried daughter Anne Sorel: D/Y/A//29/60 at the Jersey Archive
  19. Soap and Candle Manufacturer, 1851, aged 40. He also owned in 1843 the 179 ton brig Thetis. His Will, dated 01/06/1865 and proved in 1866, made his beloved wife, Susan Anne Robinson his sole heir. No children are mentioned, nor were there any mentioned in his widow`s Will: at the Jersey Archive: D/Y/A/33/51 and D/Y/A/56/22, respectively
  20. Master Mariner, Master of Brutus, died at sea: J Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore and Co, 1982)
  21. Aged 37 years 1 month, widow of Capt Jean Sorel
  22. Soap Manufacturer, aged 30, with the head of the household, his brother Thomas: 1851 Census, St Helier. By 1885, he was Lieutenant-Colonel, RJMA. Marriage record not found, but confirmed by children's baptism records
  23. Of 29, Dumaresq St, St Helier, Candle Maker: St Helier, Jersey 1851 Census. Their grandson was the Revd. Sorel John Gruchy MA (Oxon), Rector of St Mary, 1896-1915-
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