Descendants of Noe Vibert

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Descendants of Noe Vibert

This tree for a St Mary branch of the Vibert family was added in 2021 after research by Mike Bisson into the ancestors and descendants of Philippe Vibert and Elizabeth Renouf, who lived at La Vieille Maison in the parish from 1755, the year after they married

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  • 1 Noe Vibert (1540?- ) (St My) [1] m Jeanne Robert d of Guillaume [2]
    • 2 Jean Vibert (1570?-by 1635) liv. 1632 [3] m (1599) Cecille Romeril (1580?-1649) [4] d of Collas (St J) and Anne Mallet
      • 3 Noe Vibert (1600?- ) (St My) [5] m Foy Arthur (St My)
        • 4 Noe Vibert (1630-by 1700) (St My) m (1652, St J) Elizabeth Le Marinel ( -1700) d of Andre [6]
          • 5 Noe Vibert (1653-1733) (St My) m (1685, St J) Susanne Vibert (1655-1711) d of Nicolas (St P)
            • 6 Jean Vibert (1688?- 1750) [7] m Marthe Marguerite ( -1764)
              • 7 Philippe Vibert (1717-1779) (St P) [8]
              • 7 Jean Vibert (1719- ) (St My)
              • 7 Susanne Vibert (1722- ) (St My)
              • 7 Nicolas Vibert (1724- ) (St My)
              • 7 Elie Vibert (1727- ) (St My)
              • 7 Marthe Vibert (1731- ) (St My) [9]
              • 7 Marie Vibert (1736- ) (St My)
            • 6 Susanne VIbert (1693- ) (St My)
            • 6 Jeanne Vibert (1697- ) (St My) [10] m (1721, St O) Richard Mauger (St O)
          • 5 Jean Vibert (1656-1730) (St My) [11] m (1678, St My) Esther de Carteret ( -1728)
            • 6 Esther Vibert (1682?- ) m Pierre Vibert [12]
            • 6 Nicollas Vibert (1693-1739) m (1712, St L) Elizabeth Renouf (1695-1744)
              • 7 Carteret Vibert (1717-by 1783) (St My) m (1739, St My) Elizabeth Le Cappelain ( -1783)
                • 8 Carteret Vibert (1739- ) (St My)
                • 8 Marguerite Vibert (1742- ) (St My)
                • 8 Elizabeth Vibert (1746- ) (St My)
                • 8 Sara Vibert (1750-1813) (St My)
              • 7 Elizabeth Vibert (1723- ) (St My)
              • 7 Philippe Vibert (1728- ) [13] ?m (1754, St My) Elizabth Renouf (1733-1768)
                • 8 Philippe Vibert (1755-1831) (St My)
                • 8 Jean Vibert (1758-1834) (St My) [14] m (1791, St My) Marie Baleyne (1765-1829) d of Josue (St P)
                  • 9 Jean Vibert (1794- ) (St My) [15] m Elizabeth Dumaresq
                    • 10 John George Vibert (1825- ) (St My) [16]
                    • 10 Elizabeth Vibert (1828- ) (St My)
                    • 10 Philippe Vibert, died an infant
                    • 10 Jane Vibert (1832- ) (St My)
                    • 10 Philippe Vibert (1835- ) (St My)
                  • 9 Elizabeth Vibert (1797- ) (St My)
                  • 9 Elie Vibert (1799-1843) (St My) m (1826, St L) Marie Esnouf (1799-1837)
                    • 10 Jane Vibert (1830-1910)
                  • 9 Jeanne Vibert (1806- ) (St My)
                • 8 Sara Vibert (1760-1849) (St My)
                • 8 Elizabeth Vibert (1763- ) (St My)
                • 8 Jeanne Vibert (1766- ) (St My)
      • 3 Pierre Vibert ( -1674) (St My)
      • 3 Jeanne Vibert m Jean Coutanche
      • 3 Catherine Vibert (1614-1674, ae 60) (St My)
    • 2 Sara Vibert ( -1650) [17] m Martin Le Vesque ( -by 1650) [18]

Notes and references

  1. Registre Public--the Jersey Land Registry--described below, as merely "R.P." 9/251. Noe, in 1573, is mentioned in ABSJ VI, 174
  2. R.P. 9/354
  3. R.P. 2/361 (1609); 9/251 (1632)
  4. Cecille Romeril was described, on burial in 1649 in St Mary, as [translated] "having married 50 years previously", giving a likely date of 1599 for her marriage. She was, in 1621, tutrice of her children: R.P. 5/432
  5. The partage or division of the family`s real estate, in this generation, was recorded in R.P. 16/218 (1659). The parties were Noe, the eldest son, Pierre, Jeanne and Catherine Vibert. Fields mentioned were Le Jardin du Pendant [a steep incline], Le Camp du Val, Le Côtil de la Victoire, all bordering each other, together with Le Clos des Resveries [frogs], otherwise called Le Clos de la Vicq. A private right of way over the land of Jean Mahie [Mahier] is mentioned, which allowed the Viberts access for the plowing of their land. The place-names suggest this property was in the vicinity of La Rue Mahier, St Mary, which adjoins the St Ouen`s parish boundary. Nearby are Le Mont Vibert, Le Clos Vibert and Le Clos Romeril, whilst at Beauvallon, the three fields called Les Pendants are now a steeply sloping garden between the house and La Rue Mahier. Toads are numerous in this Rondin area though, regrettably, Jersey`s Agile Frog is now confined to the south-west of the Island. Beauvallon was built in 1850 by the Arthurs, owners of the property now called Glendale Farm, which is about 50 metres [yards] away from it and does show signs of antiquity
  6. R.P.18/191 (1667); 18/284
  7. "Jean Vibert, fils Noel" on burial and in his Will, dated 04/05/1743, proved in 1750, in which his wife, Marthe Marguerite, was appointed executrix: D/Y/A/8/53, at the Jersey Archive
  8. Buried in St Mary as "Me Philippe Vibert, fils Jean, fils Noe." There is reason to believe that Philippe married and had issue
  9. Christened as Marthe "fille Jean, fils Noe, et Marthe Marguerite, sa femme"
  10. Jeanne`s godparents were Jean Huelin and Jeanne Vibert, his wife; the latter being the infant`s maternal aunt
  11. At the Jersey Archive, D/Y/A/6/58: The Will of Jean Vibert "fils Noe, fils Noe, fils Jean," dated 16/01/1729/30, was proved on 27/02/1731. He left his furniture and chattels to his nephew Jean Vibert, having in the previous year sold his house and land on the Fief du Roy, St Mary, to his son, Nicolas Vibert: R.P. 35/112 (28/01/1728)
  12. His second marriage
  13. Philippe had a 2nd cousin and namesake, baptized in 1717 at St Mary. One married Elizabeth Renouf, the other perhaps married Jeanne Arthur. Proof as to which marriage is which, is lacking. As such, generations 8 to 10, as shown here, may be descended from the other Philippe. The Jersey Land Registry will hold the answer
  14. Lieutenant, RJMA (1815) and Centenier
  15. Of Richmond House, St Mary; Major, RJM
  16. Lieutenant, RJM
  17. R.P. 9/251; 9/354
  18. R.P. 10/175 (1634)
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