Descendants of Pierre Graut

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Descendants of Pierre Grault/ Graut


Grault of La Ville ès Neveus, St Ouen - The correct spelling of the family name in this descendancy is Grault, but we have shown it above with the variant to link to the common family page

Added by Guy Dixon in 2023

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  • 1 Pierre Grault (c1530-by 1613)
    • 2 Laurens Grault (c1560-by 1613) [1] m Collette Le Cornu ( -by 1613) daughter of Nicolas and unknown Dolbel [2]
      • 3 Pierre Grault (c1590- ) (St My) [3] m Elizabeth Grault, living 1656
        • 4 Pierre Grault (c1620- ) (St My) [4] m (1650, St My) Marie Arthur, daughter of Jean, son of Charles, and of the late Susanne Le Maistre (St My)
          • 5 Elizabeth Grault (1653- ) (St My) [5]
          • 5 Jean Grault (1656-1733) (St My) [6] m (1695) Rachel Le Couteur
            • 6 Pierre Grault (1695-1696) (St My)
          • 5 Esther Grault (St My) [7] m (1678, St My) Philippe Journeaux (St My) [8]
      • 3 Philippe Grault (c1592-1664) (St O) [9] m (c1614) Esther Le Brun [10] daughter of Thomas (St H) and Andrie le Mottée, daughter of Thomas
        • 4 Esther Grault (c1615-1638) (St O) m (1635, St O) Philippe Le Brocq son of Clement (St O)
        • 4 Collette Grault (c1618-1692) (St O) m (1644, St O) Paul Guille senr.
        • 4 Pierre Grault (c1621-by 1703) (St O) [11] m (1649, St My) Mabel Jean ( -1703) [12] daughter of Matthieu (St O) and Jeanne Robin
          • 5 Esther Grault (c1652-1728) (St O) m (1671, St O) Pierre Carrel (Le Coin, St O)
          • 5 Marguerite Grault (1654- ) (St O) [13] m William Le Brocq (St O) [14]
            • 6 Marguerite Le Brocq (1680-by 1692) (St P) [15]
            • 6 Marguerite Le Brocq (1692-1717) (St P) [16]
          • 5 Collette Grault (1656- ) (St O) [17] (St O) m (1690, St My) Elie Viel
          • 5 Jeanne Grault (1659-1730) [18] (St O) m (1694, St O) Samuel Jean (1668-1756) [19] son of Matthieu (St O)
          • 5 Philippe Grault (1661-1664) (St O)
          • 5 Philippe Grault (1664-1705) [20] (St O) m (1684, St O) Marguerite Dauverne (1655-1700) daughter of Francois (St P)
            • 6 Philippe Grault (1685-by 1696) (St O)
            • 6 Judith Grault (1688-1703) (St O)
            • 6 Marie Grault (1692-1748) [21] (St O) m (1711, St O) Jean Le Maistre (Grantez, St O)
            • 6 Philippe Grault (1696-1739) (St O) [22]
          • 5 Marie Susanne Grault (1665-1665) (St O)
          • 5 Marie Grault (1667-1667) (St O)
          • 5 Marie Grault (1669-1669) [23]
        • 4 Laurens Grault (c1625-1697) (St O > St My) [24] m (12/1649, St My) Marie Grault (St My) daughter of Jean and Anne Coutanche, (see below)
          • 5 Martin Grault (1650- ) (St My) [25] liv 1710
          • 5 Laurens Grault (1655- ) (St My)
        • 4 Jeanne Grault (c1630- ) m 1 (1654, St O) Jean Prouings, son of Jean; 2 Jean Pinel
      • 3 Jean Grault (St My) [26] m Anne Coutanche
        • 4 Marie Grault (St My) m (12/1649, St My) Laurens Grault (St O), see above
      • 3 Susanne Grault ( -by 1651) (St My)
      • 3 Marguerite Grault (St My) m Jean Renouf son of Jean [27]

Notes and references

  1. Predeceased Pierre Grault senr, see below, as had his wife, Collette. The surname in the north-west of Jersey, from whence came this family, was pronounces so as to rhyme with snow, being 'grow'
  2. Cour d`Héritage, henceforth written “CH”, Livre 4c, folio 536 (4c/536)
  3. Pierre Grault, “fils ainé”: Registre Public Livre 4, folio 104 (RP 4/104), dated 1613. This Grault family partage of 1613, the partage of the inheritance of “Pierre Grault senr” provides 14 cabots of annual wheat rente for “Pierre Grault, fils Laurens” who , as eldest son, would inherit the family farm, ten per cent of the family land prior to division, as well as land subject to division. His brother “Philippe Grault, fils Laurens”, inherited 11 cabots, which was the sum that “Jean Grault, fils Laurens”, inherited. It was all described as eschaest de Pierre Grault snr. Pierre Grault [jnr] was probably of La Tombette, St Mary
  4. RP 14/400 (1651) “of Tombette,” St Mary
  5. Elizabeth, the eventual heiress of her father, had as godmother Elizabeth Grault, who was probably the child`s grandmother
  6. Of Tombette, St Mary, Jean Grault`s godmother was “Elizabeth Grault, grande-mère”
  7. Esther Grault “fille de Pierre Grault, et co-heir de Jean Grault”: ABSJ IV, 412, [translated] “Notices on some ancient Jersey families, Journeaux”, by the Rev J A Messervy
  8. Philippe Journeaux was his wife`s first cousin, his mother having been Marguerite Arthur, elder sister of Esther`s mother, Marie Arthur. The couple`s great-grandson was Advocate Francois Journeaux, of St Helier, Captain of Grenadiers, in the St Helier battalion of Militia
  9. Of St Mary, and latterly of La Ville ès Neveus, St Ouen. In 1612, Jean Le Gros alias Bisson sold Philippe Grault, son of Laurens, of St Mary, a barrel of cider [RP4/1] and in 1628, the purchaser was one of those who elected Anne Coutanche, widow of his brother, Jean Grault, as tutrice of his under-aged niece: RP 8/124. In 1632, land on the fief au Vesque was returned to Philippe Grault, son of Laurens, by Philippe Le Gros: RP 9/381
  10. RP 4/211 provides the name of Esther Le Brun`s husband, Philippe Grault, and names her two sisters (sic) named Marie, one being the wife of Pierre Chevalier, and her two brothers, Mahey Le Brun (husband of Jeanne Le Geyt, daughter of Nicolas) and Jacques Le Brun (husband of another Jeanne Le Geyt). The parents of the siblings are named as Thomas Le Brun and Andrie Le Mottée, daughter of Thomas. A case before the Cour d`Heritage (CH 6/414r) names Esther`s grandparents as Mahey Le Brun and Jeanne, his wife, who was, according to Messervy`s Genealogy of the Ahier family, Jeanne Gosselin, Esther`s aunt having married Guyon Ahier
  11. Of Ville ès Neveu, St Ouen. In 1639, Gregoire Langlois sold to Pierre Grault, son of Philippe, Le Clos des Hures, a valette and cotils, in St Ouen, on the Fief des Vingt Livres: RP 11/458). Le Clos des Hures overlooks what is today called Greve de Lecq Valley or Mont de Ste Marie, and is located on the stated fief. A cart-track leads from this and four adjacent fields to a farm-house situated immediately to the east of Northdale, at a distance of about 50 metres from Northdale`s outhouses. The farmhouse has a modern house obscuring it from view, from the nearby lane, but the whole area is a part of La Ville ès Neveus. Beside the gates that lead to the farm, beyond the modern house, is the name “Le Breton Farm”. Most Jersey properties had no particular name before the advent of the postal service, so this will have been a later name, given by more recent owners. The farm seems, therefore, likely to have been previously in the possession of the Grault family. In 1644, the guardian of the under-aged children of Nicolas Arthur, son of Nicolas, sold to Pierre Grault, son of Philippe, a meadow in St Ouen or St Mary! La Ville ès Neveus is where the two parishes meet: RP 12/231
  12. Both parties were described as being of St Ouen
  13. In the St Ouen`s register, Marguerite`s father`s name was never filled in. She is identifiable from her own, and her children`s, godparents. Her godmother was a namesake of her maternal grandmother, and may indeed have been her grandmother as she was described as being Jeanne Robin, wife of Matthieu “Robin”. A clerical error is likely, resulting in Matthieu “Robin” instead of Matthieu “Jean”. Her daughters` godparents were unambiguous
  14. This William Le Brocq settled in St Peter, as had his namesake of The Yews, with whom he should not be confused
  15. Godparents: Pierre Grault, the child`s maternal grandfather and his mother, being Esther Le Brun, who would then have been in her eighties
  16. Godparents: Pierre Grault, the child`s maternal uncle, and his sister
  17. Godparents: Paul Guille and his wife, see above
  18. Godparents: Unnamed Pinel— perhaps Jean, below —of St John and his wife
  19. Samuel Jean, de la Ville au Neveu" on burial (1756)
  20. Godparents: Matthieu Jean and his wife
  21. Godparents: Paul Guille and his wife
  22. Last of the Ville ès Neveus Graults
  23. Godparents: Pierre Grault of St Mary and his wife
  24. Laurens Grault married his St Mary-born first cousin, the daughter of his uncle, Jean Grault. He subsequently settled in St Mary
  25. Godfather: Philippe Grault, grandfather. Martin was godfather in 1710 to Martin Sauvage, to whom he gave his name, Martin being the son of Philippe Sauvage and Marie, nee Grault. The latter has not yet been identified
  26. RP 4/104 (1613) and 14/400 (1651)
  27. RP 4/283 (1615)
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