Descendants of Richard Le Gallais

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Descendants of Richard Le Gallais


For the generations prior to Generation 1, see An alternative tree posted in 2015


Richard Le Gallais (1804- )


Susan Nason

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  • 1 Richard Le Gallais (1772-1814) [1] m (1796, St H) Susanne Sorel ( -1862)daughter of Jean and Marguerite Thacker (St H)
    • 2 Susanne Anne Le Gallais (1798- ) [2] m (1818, St H) William Wellman (1783-1830) [3] (St H)
    • 2 Richard Nicholas Le Gallais (1801-1802) [4]
    • 2 Richard Le Gallais (1/1803- ) [5]
    • 2 Richard Le Gallais (1/1804-1870) [6] m (1825, St H) Susan Nason ( -1888)
      • 3 Susanne Le Gallais (1826-1895) (Eng.) [7]
      • 3 Amelia Le Gallais (1827-1829)
      • 3 Richard Le Gallais (1829-1885) [8] m (1859, Liverpool) Jessie Veitch, daughter of George, Cooper (a numerous descent in the United Kingdom)
      • 3 Philip Le Gallais (1830-1877) (Eng.) [9] m (1858, Clevedon, Som.) Mary Ann Durbin (descendants in England)
      • 3 Wellman Le Gallais (1832-1832) [10]
      • 3 Wellman William Le Gallais (1833-1869) Revd. [11] m (1859) Fanny Harriet Loftus Langrishe, daughter of Robert, Lieut. R.N.
        • 4 Esther Genevieve Carson Mare Le Gallais m (1889, Kensington) Walter Turner, son of Stephen Walter
      • 3 Mary Farquharson Le Gallais (1835-1914) (Eng.) [12]
      • 3 Amelie Frances Le Gallais (1836-1852)
      • 3 Charles Edward Le Gallais (1838- ) (Eng.) [13] m Jane Elizabeth Morris (1841- ), daughter of William [14]
        • 4 Alfred William Le Gallais (1866-1953) (Can.) [15] m (1890, Can.) Hortense Stringer, daughter of George and Jane
          • 5 Charles Henry Le Gallais (Can.)
          • 5 John William Le Gallais (Can.)
          • 5 Alice Maud Le Gallais (Can.) m ( -- ) Johnston
        • 4 Charles Edward Le Gallais (1868- ) (Eng.)
        • 4 Francis Edwin Le Gallais (1871- ) (Eng.) m (1901, Flintshire) Sarah Ann Taylor, daughter of George [16]
        • 4 Ann Le Gallais (1874- ) (Eng.)
        • 4 Alice Maud Le Gallais (1876- ) (Eng.) m (1903, Toxteth) James Taggart of Govan, Scotland
        • 4 Morris Willman Le Gallais (1878-1950- ) (Eng.) m (1902, Wrexham) Mary Matthews, daughter of James (descendants in England)
        • 4 Horatio Nason Le Gallais (1880-1970) (Can.) [17] m (1903, Flintshire) Catherine Duffy (1877- )
          • 5 Charles Edward Le Gallais (1903-2002) (Can.)
          • 5 Leo Francis Le Gallais (1908-1980) (Can.) m Margery Toombs (1911- )
          • 5 Wilfred Le Gallais (1915-1997) (Can.)
      • 3 Horatio Nason Le Gallais (1840-1923) (N.Z.) [18] m (1881, Wairoa, N.Z.) Eliza Maria Wallis, daughter of T. Leddra Wallis of Clevedon
        • 4 Leddra Le Gallais ( -1915) KIA [19]
        • 4 Daughter Le Gallais m C.F. Gardner (N.Z.)
        • 4 Two further sons (N.Z.)
      • 3 Alfred Eustace Le Gallais (1842- ) [20] m (1867, Clevedon, Somerset) Rosa Durbin of Clevedon
      • 3 Alice Maud Le Gallais (1847-1864) twin [21]
      • 3 Francis Edwin Le Gallais (1847-1917) `Frank Le Gallais` [22] m (1878, St Simon) Amelia Holt, daughter of William [23]
        • 4 William Le Gallais (1879-1924) [24] m Gertrude Louise Elizabeth Westbury
          • 5 Geoffrey William Le Gallais (1911- ) [25]
          • 5 Richard Lyle Le Gallais (1916-1983) Kt. [26] m Juliette Forsythe (S Africa)
            • 6 Son Le Gallais
            • 6 Son Le Gallais
        • 4 Carlyle Le Gallais (1881-1967) [27] m (1908, St H) Madeleine Amy Picquet ( -1973), daughter of Frederic George Picquet [28] (St H)
          • 5 Francis (`Frank`) Carlyle Le Gallais (1911- ) [29] m Mary Elizabeth Cameron ( -1977) (with issue)
          • 5 Doreen Valda Le Gallais (1914- )
          • 5 John Le Gallais [30] (married, with issue)
        • 4 Geoffrey Le Gallais (1883-1959) (Can.) [31] m (1918, Paddington, Lond.) Dorothy Larbalestier, daughter of Philip Henry (St H)
          • 5 Lorna Le Gallais (1920- )
        • 4 Norman Le Gallais (1889-1981) (Can.) [32] m (1912, Tuxford, Sask.) Dorothy ( -- )
          • 5 Elizabeth Dorothy Le Gallais (1914-1990) m (1945) John Denis Walsh
      • 3 Julia Charlotte Le Gallais (1849-1873) (Eng.) [33]

Notes and references

  1. Privateer Captain, 1801, 1803- , commanding Comus (1801) and Belle Richard (1803), amongst other vessels: John Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships (Chichester: Phillimore, 1982), 141
  2. Godparents: Me William Thacker, Great-Uncle, and Mse Marguerite Thacker, Widow of Me Jean Sorel, Grandmother, and Mse Anne Le Cras
  3. William Wellman Gent. died aged 47, and was buried in St Helier, 19th October 1830
  4. Godparents: Me Nicolas Le Gallais and Mse Madeleine Sohier, Uncle and Aunt--see Descendants of Richard Le Gallais 2
  5. Godparents: Me Jean Sorel, Uncle, and Mse Madeleine Sorel, his sister, Aunt. This couple stood again, the following year, for Richard`s brother and namesake
  6. Founder in 1825 of the business in St Helier later called F. Le Gallais and Sons, Upholsterers. Richard Le Gallais was invited in 1846 by the States of Jersey to make chairs for their use during the forthcoming visit of Queen Victoria. Philip Ahier writes in A Short Parochial and Commercial History of Jersey, (Ashton and Denton Publishing),103, "Her Majesty, who was impressed by the workmanship of the chairs, asked to see their maker. As a result he was presented to the Queen, and was given the Royal Warrant as upholsterer and cabinet maker to Her Majesty. The Royal Arms, which he was now entitled to display, were carved in his own workshop"
  7. Schoolmistress, living in 1891 with her unmarried sister Mary F[arquharson] Le Gallais in Leamington, Warwickshire. She was unmarried
  8. Master Mariner. His godparents were Edward Gallichan and Margaret Le Gallais. He went to sea and served aboard Philippe Nicolle ships from 1842 to 1849: U.K. and Ireland Masters and Mates Certificates at He records that he was born in St Helier, Jersey, on the 19th February 1829. He served in the Iris of Jersey (1854), was 2nd Mate in Sophia of Liverpool in 1850, 1st Mate in an American ship, Josephine in 1853-4. Other vessels included the Eliza of Jersey and Pallas. He gained his Master`s Certificate (No. 11,585) on the 13/12/1854. He was subsequently master of various ships
  9. Master Mariner. His godparents were Philippe de Quetteville Esq. and Susan Sorel. He gained his Only Mate`s Certificate (No. 4338) then his Master`s Certificate (No. 116,237) on the 25/06/1864. Career details as given at that time were as follows: Apprentice in Farago and Fisherman, both of Jersey, from 1844-1845?, then apprentice in CRC and Homely, both of Jersey, 1845-3/1850. He was then an O.S. [Ordinary Seaman] in Ipswich of Jersey from April 1850 until 1851. He was Mate in the following vessels: Swan, Goddess, Arab, Edward Colston, Charles and Volunteer, the latter being of Dundee, the three preceding it of Bristol. He was afterwards Master of further vessels. He gave his date and place of birth as 25th August 1830, St Helier, Jersey. He settled, on marrying, in Somerset but remained a master, sailing from Bristol
  10. Godparents: The father and Susan Ann Wellman
  11. "Lost in an open boat in returning from [a] visit to a sick parishioner at Chanel, Newfoundland, October 27 1869, aged 36 years": Le Gallais Family Memorial, Green Street Cemetery, Jersey
  12. Governess, living in retirement at Leamington, Warwickshire (1911 Census), where she died. She was unmarried
  13. Master Mariner, who settled in Liverpool. Godparents: Edward John Gallichan and Esther Renouf
  14. Farmer
  15. Merchant; born in Liverpool, settled in Canada
  16. Farmer
  17. House Carpenter; settled in 1913 in Canada. In the 1920 Canadian Census, the family was living in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Horatio, who used the first name Nason, died in 1970
  18. Schoolmaster and Farmer, in New Zealand. He went initially to Newfoundland, but returning to Jersey, became a master at Rozel School. On settling in Auckland, New Zealand, he became a master at St Paul`s School, in that city, before becoming Headmaster of Clevedon School for twenty years. Resigning in 1895, he then farmed successfully at Mangakura
  19. Killed in action at the Dardanelles (Gallipoli), 23 July 1915, aged 29. His name is featured on the Gallipoli Memorial
  20. Settled, at first, in Liverpool (1867)
  21. Died at St John, Newfoundland
  22. Frank trained under his father as a Cabinet and Furniture Maker but planned, like his siblings, to seek his fortune outside the Island. However, his father`s death in 1870, the need for companionship of his widowed mother and the need of the firm`s staff for continued employment brought him back to Jersey. He then proceeded to move the firm from its 1, Old Street premises to 18, Bath Street and to extend the business into auctioneering, removals and storage. He was a first-rate businessman and the company flourished, enabling the purchase of the adjoining property, 16, Bath Street. As two of his four sons wished to follow him into the business, it became "F. Le Gallais and Sons"
  23. Farmer
  24. Successor, with his brother Carlyle, to the family business. He regrettably died in his forties
  25. Temporery Acting Lieut.-Commander, R.N. (1945). Godparents: Geoffrey Le Gallais and Fanny Elizabeth Westbury
  26. Sir Richard Le Gallais of H.M. Colonial Service was Resident Magistrate in Nairobi and Mombasa, Senior Resident Magistrate in Northern Nigeria (1958) and Chief Justice of Aden from 1960. An Old Victorian, he was called to the English Bar (Middle Temple) in 1939. During the Second World War, he was an officer in the Northumberland Fusiliers, retiring in the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel: Francis L.M. Corbett, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Volume 2, 224. In 1946, he was President, War Crimes Tribunal, Singapore: Who`s Who in the Channel Islands 1967,
  27. OV. Auctioneer and Upholsterer. Carlyle Le Gallais was, after 1924, the sole member of his family left in the business. Fortunately, he was as good a businessman as his late father. After buying further property, he demolished the existing premises together with those of his late father, in order to build by 1936 the splendid furniture and upholstery showroom that was until recently the pride of the Town. He was a Senator in the Jersey States from 1948-1954, and one of the founders in 1937 of the National Trust of Jersey, to whom he gave land in Vallée des Vaux, now called "Le Don Le Gallais". He settled at Roselands, St Saviour
  28. Chemist and Druggist
  29. Managing Director, F. Le Gallais and Sons
  30. Farmer and Proprietor, of Roselands, St Saviour. Mr Le Gallais was a Deputy in the States of Jersey
  31. Farmer. He settled in 1906 at Moose Jaw, Marquis Municipality, Saskatchewan: 1921 Canadian Census. He served as a Sergeant, Canadian Engineers, during the Great War. He and his wife retired to British Columbia, where he died
  32. OV. Farmer. He served in the Great War with the Canadian Field Artillery, having settled in 1908, together with his brother Geoffrey, at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: 1916 Canadian Census. He also retired to British Columbia
  33. Died at Sherborne, Dorset, aged 24: Memorial Inscription above
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