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An unknown Miss Deslandes photographed by Ernest Baudoux in the 19th century

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The family name is common in Normandy today and could derive from a number of places with woody heathland, perhaps covered in gorse or furze. There is no record of which particular hamlet or commune was home to the first Deslandes to reach Jersey.

We have found nothing to support the contention of some researchers that the name originated in Jersey and relates to the Les Landes area in the north-west of the island. That district would appear also to derive its name from the predominant gorse and furze in the area. There were other areas of `landes` within the Island, one where the airport now stands, for example, in St Peter and one above the cliffs in Trinity close to Giffard Bay, which gave its name to the Fief and resultant surname, de la Lande. The latter surname must not be confused with that of Deslandes, although both surnames do feature from ancient times in association with the parish of Trinity. It is worth noting that the area of `landes` in the coastal north of Trinity extends to Rozel, far beyond the borders of the Fief de la Lande.

The name, although rare in the middle ages in Jersey, had become very common by the 19th century. The first record of the surname appears to be in 1309 [Rolls of the Assizes], when Colin Deslandes, `de Laundes`, and Philippe de Barentin were sued by Guillaume de Gruchy "hors de la Royaume", this referring usually to a hearing at the Ecclesiastical Court of Coutances, which then heard cases relating to inheritance. As de Barentin died in possession of the Fief de Gruchy, which is in Trinity, he may have acquired this from Deslandes, in right of a de Gruchy wife, hence the challenge at Coutances. If so, Colin Deslandes is likely to have been a native of Trinity.

Early records

  • Colin Deslandes, living in Jersey, perhaps in Trinity (see above), 1309
  • Thomas Deslandes (1490- ) in a court action, in later life, 1550
  • Elizabeth Deslandes (1612-1693) d of Elie (1576- ) m (1641) Josue Messervy
  • Rachel Deslandes (1637- ) m (1663) Pierre Coutanche (1634- )
  • Elizabeth Deslandes (1661- ) m (1682) Philipe Le Sueur
  • Thomasse Deslandes (1657- ) m (1677) Jean Orange
  • Charles Deslandes (1640- ) m Jeanne Briard. They had a son Josue in 1672
  • Philippe Deslandes (1637- ) m Susanne Le Gros. They had a son Charles in 1663.


  • des Landes
  • Deslandes, 1668
  • de Laundes 1309
  • de la Lande (a separate Jersey family)

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  • Francis Deslandes (1886- ) (St H) son of John and Jane Elizabeth Rive Hardman, husband of Elsie Louise Duquemin, Sapper RE
  • George Thomas Deslandes (1887- ) (St H) son of George Edward and Margaret Savaran, Private, RJGB, ex-RMIJ
  • Herbert Joshua Deslandes (1899- ) (Gsy) son of Joshua of Jersey (possibly below), Aircraftsman RAF
  • Joshua Deslandes (1874- ) (Tr), possibly father of Herbert Joshua, probably born 1870, son of Philil and Julia, Corporal, Canadian Salvage Corps
  • Reginald George Deslandes (1891- ) (St H) son of Mathew Francis and Celestine Angeline Stepanie Laugeard, Corporal, Devonshire Regiment


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