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Welcome to Donkipedia

Donkipedia is a Guernsey Society initiative to collect and share knowledge about Guernsey's People, Places & Heritage. Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands.

This is a wiki. This means that there is some useful content here, but it is work in progress, it is not yet complete. It also means that anyone can contribute to it. We hope that you find it interesting and useful.

Guernsey People


Guernsey Heritage

Renoir's Brouillard à Guernesey

Where to Start

Some ideas of where to start exploring Donkipedia:

All of these articles are gradually being expanded with further items and supporting articles.

Selected Articles

A selection of articles which you may find particularly interesting

CI Bibliography


Books and articles about the Channel Islands in print and on the Web

Contribute to Donkipedia

You can help Donkipedia grow

Everybody can contribute to Donkipedia and help this Channel Island history resource keep growing. You can add new pages, edit existing pages (with the exception of a few which are protected) and leave comments about content. Go to the Community Portal for general advice on how to become involved with Donkipedia and also look at information on how to go about adding your family tree to those already on the site. Site policies.


Visit our sister site, Jerripedia dedicated to the history of the island of Jersey. You will find similar information to that contained in Donkipedia and many of the family pages and other information are common to both sites to make life simpler for those researching their family trees in both islands.

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