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Dorey family page

This family, which is found in Guernsey as well as Jersey, can be found in records as far back as the 16th century, but was probably established some time before then


Plumber John Dorey and colleague

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Origin of Surname

Dorey may be a name given to a man with golden hair (doré), or it may be short for Theodore. It is also suggested that it may derive from the old French for goldsmith or gilder.

A Dorey descendant and researcher has sent us this explanation:

"The reputed origin for the surname “Dorey” is that the Duke of Normandy recruited blond, golden-haired men for his army from Scandanavia, hence the name Dore (or Doré). The original Dorey men in Jersey may have been sent there as part of the garrison to man Mont Orgueil Castle.
"The reason for recruiting the men from Scandanavia may have been that, like the Popes in Rome who hired Swiss guards, the Duke did not trust men from the local population in Normandy to safeguard his interests.
"My name is Dorey and my DNA analysis by Ancestry indicates that approximately 50% of my DNA still originates from Scandanavia and nearby regions, which tends to confirm the legend for the origin of the name Dorey. It would also suggest that families of the garrison at Mont Orgueil were part of a rather close community that tended to intermarry."

The name is common in Normandy and there is a record of Willelmus Dorey in 1198.

Early records

  • Sire Jehan Dorey, Johan Dorey and Richard Dorey are listed in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.
  • Catherine Dorey was born in St John in 1494 and married Clement (or Thomas) Pinel
  • Marie Dorey was born in Trinity about 1564, the daughter of Thomas Dorey (1535- ) and Michelle Gallichan
  • Guillaume Dorey was born in St Saviour about 1573 and married Catherine Falle
  • Jean Dorey was born in St Ouen about 1612
  • Matthew Dorey was born in Trinity about 1634.
  • Elizabeth Dorey (1660- ) Trinity, d of Mathieeu (1634- ) m Helier Lempriere
  • Magdelaine Dorey (1684- ), Catherine Dorey (1681- ) and Anne Dorey (1701- ) were daughters of Philippe and Esther Ahier
  • Sara Dorey (1702- ) was the daughter of Pierre and Sara Le Cornu
  • Jean Dorey (1501- ) m (1525) Marie de Gruchy. Their son Helier was born in 1526.

The Dorey family is also found in Guernsey


  • Dorey, 1668
  • Doré
  • Dorée
  • Dorel
  • Doret
  • Dorez
  • Le Dore

Family records


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Three different Jean Doreys




Family histories


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Great War service

Sons of Thomas Dorey and Gertrude Emily Giffard

  • Edgar Alick Dorey (1886-1976) (Tr) husband of Olive Kathleen Giffard, Sergeant, RGA
  • Lionel Gifford Dorey (1883- ) (St H) Captain RGA

  • George Binet Dorey (1888- ) (Tr) son of John George and Esther Jane, husband of Phyllis Coles, Lieutenant, Canadian Field Artillery
  • John Dorey (St H), Sergeant, Canada
  • Joshua Emile Dorey MC (1891- ) (St Mt) son of George Dorey and Ann Le Gros, husband of Lillian May Mallet, Lieutenant, Canadian Infantry, wounded twice. Military Cross citation, April 1918: 'For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led his platoon with remarkable coolness, and when held up by a machine gun, he at once gave the order to rush the post, with the result that the whole crew of ten men were killed and two guns captured. His leadership and splendid dash during the attack were most outstanding.'

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Family album

The Dorey family of St Martin in 1905

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