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Capt du Heaume

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Origin of Surname

Historian the Rev George Balleine says that The du Heaumes probably came from the Pays de Houime, south of Falaise in Normandy.

However, Heaume and Heaulme are well-known names from the Mayenne region of France, derived from a maker of heaumes (casks) and several places in the centre of France bear the name. Heaume is modern French for helmet, which might also be a source for the family name.

Early records

The name is not found found in the early Assize Rolls and Extentes but the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains two du Heaumes.

The birth of a Thomas du Heaume is recorded in 1478. He was the father of Perinne (abt 1500) who married Guillaume Le Rossignol of St Ouen.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

The date of the first settlement of this family in the island has not been ascertained. Its eldest branch possessed lands in the parish of St Ouen, where, becoming extinct, it is now represented by John-Daniel Chevalier, who possesses, among other objects of vertu formerly belonging to the family, an antique tortoise-shell brooch, upon which are carved its armorial bearings.

A junior branch has long been settled at Les Augerez, in the parish of St Peter, and is represented by the Rev. William Duheaume, Rector of Trinity.

Arms: Cheeky, argent and vert, on a bend of the first, a leopard's head, cabossed, between two annidets, sable; a canton ermine. Crest: A dexter hand issuant from clouds, holding a sprig of three roses, all ppr.


  • Du Heaume
  • Heaume - Guernsey variant
  • Duheaume, 1668
  • Duheaulme 1607
  • du Heaulme 1528

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A review of these trees in 2018, including the addition of a new tree, has revealed that there is still some way to go in assembling trees which cover over 500 du Heaume baptisms and the family will be further reviewed in 2019




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Philippe du Heaume is elected Jurat


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