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Dumaresq records in

La Société Jersiaise Library

This is an index from the library catalogue of La Société Jersiaise regarding records relating to the Dumaresq family. These records document one of the most important fall-outs of the impact of the The English Civil War on Jersey. The collection comprises mainly papers relating to a dispute over precedency between the De Carteret and Dumaresq families, which carried on for a quarter of a century after the Restoration, from 1660 to 1684.

This notable and acrimonious feud between Sir Philip De Carteret and Philipe Dumaresq was over Samarès Manor, the Dumaresq’s having had it and the Seigneurial title confiscated during the Civil War, when Dumaresq’s father Henry became a leader on the Parlimentary side. At the Restoration Philip Dumaresq petitioned and did homage to the King, but had to fight for precedency for the Manor and title

  • 1649: Copy of petition of Philip Dumaresq
  • 26 April 1661: Letter from Mr Pipon
  • 1662 and after: References to coutumes regarding precedency rights between De Carteret and Dumaresq
  • 27 April 1665: Relating to the sentence from the Chief Plaids d’Héritage of Philippe Dumaresq
  • 27 April 1665: Act of Court between Philippe Dumaresq and Amyce de Carteret on Samarès
  • 5 March 1668: At the Court of Whitehall on Precedency of Samarès
  • 29 April 1669: Note regarding Privy Council and Samarès
  • 1 April 1670: Charles De Carteret gives power of attorney to Edouard De Carteret and others
  • 19 July 1670: Order from Court at Whitehall summoning Philippe Dumaresq to the Lords
  • July 1670: Relating to the Fief of Trinity and precedency
  • 10 July 1670: Relating to the De Carteret/Dumaresq precedency issue (two copies) signed by John Nicholas at the Court of Whitehall
  • 9 December 1670: Petition of Philip Dumaresq relating to Samarès at Privy Coucil
  • 14 December 1670: The order of court for cause of Philip Dumaresq relating to precedency signed by Robert Southwell
  • 19 October 1671: De Carteret / Dumaresq precedency issue
  • 1673: Eight documents relating to the above
  • 1670–1684: History of the case of Philip Dumaresq proprietor of the Fief of Samarès
  • 17 July 1684: Relating to the precedency issue
  • 17 December 1684: Three documents relating to the above
  • 1673–1684: Dumaresq / De Carteret case to be heard before the Committee for Jersey and Guernsey
  • 1684–1685: Appeal of Philip Dumaresq and the summons of De Carteret to appear before the Board
  • 21 August 1685: Letter from Philip Le Hardy, London relating to the above dispute
  • 12 October 1693: Copy of assignation of exchange of rente - Elizabeth Dumaresq to Charles Poingdestre
  • 26 January 1694: Relates to an action in the Court of Chief Plaids of heritage between Charles Dumaresq and James Corbet
  • 12 August 1703: Partage des Héritages of Hellier Dumaresq and Jeanne Jambard his wife
  • February 1708: Letter to Elias Dumaresq relating to the division of his father’s estate
  • 23 February 1730: Appointment of Nicolas Dumaresq as Lieutenant Bailiff
  • 1745–1747: Extracts from the burial register of St Helier
  • 31 August 1801: Letter from Philip Dumaresq to Advocate Poingdestre
  • 27 December 1811: Examination of Sir John Dumaresq, Lieutenant Bailiff
  • October 1820: Note on Church of Tourteval, Guernsey, built in 1130 by Philippe De Carteret
  • 28 October 1910: Letter from R Lemprière (Rozel) to J P Moore notes on Dumaresq/De Carteret feud
  • Undated petition to the King re Dumaresq / De Carteret feud
  • Undated printed election circular for Philippe Dumaresq to parishioners of St Brelade
  • 29 April 1669: At the Court at Whitehall, Dumaresq / De Carteret feud (parchment)
  • 31 July 1685: An order of King in Council settling precedency of above.
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