Edouard Charles Armand-Dumaresq

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Edouard Charles Armand-Dumaresq

As renowned in France as was Jersey artist Millais in England, Edouard Charles Armand-Dumaresq (or Charles Edouard) was the son of Amelia-Carteret Dumaresq and Charles Anthoine Marie-Gabriel Armand and was born in 1926 in France.

He adopted his mother's name and arms of Dumaresq, pursuant to Letters Patent granted by Napoleon III in 1858, He died in 1895.

From Payne's Armorial of Jersey:

This distinguislied artist, who holds as high a position in France as does his countryman, Millais, in England, was born in 1826, and studied under his father and Thomas Couture.

He first exhibited at the annual Exhibition in Paris of 1850, a dead Christ, eventually purchased by the Minister of the Interior for the church of Dole. In 1853 he executed for the Minister of State an important picture representing the martyrdom of St Peter, which was placed in the Abbey Church of Caen. About the same period, he painted a chapel for Pope Pius IX, which gave such satisfaction to His Holiness that he decorated Armand-Dumaresq with the insignia of the Papal Order of St Sylvester.

In 1855 he exhibited at the Exposition Generale a composition representing the death of General Korgener, and in 1857 was despatched by the Minister of War to Africa, where he made a part of the campaign of Kabyla.

He was subsequently directed to paint all the uniforms of the Imperial Guard and of the entire army of France; a most important and lengthened commission, upon which he is now (1861) employed. In 1859 M Armand-Dumaresq exhibited a picture illustrative of the death of General Bizot, who was killed in the Crimea, which has been deemed worthy a place in the historical Museum of Versailles. In the same year, he was attached, as painter of the Minister of War, to the staff of Major-General Marshal Vaillant, and thus took part in the great campaign of Italy; and received from Victor-Emanuel, King of Italy, the insignia of St Maurice and St Lazarus, of Piedmont, for services rendered to the Italian cause.

In illustration of this campaign, M Armand-Dumaresq has just completed a large picture of some eighteen feet in length, describing an episode in the battle of Solferiuo. In further recognition of his eminent services, he has had the honour of receiving from the Queen of Spain the order of Isabella the Catholic, of Spain, having been engaged, as painter to the Minister of War, in designing the uniforms of the Spanish army.

Above the mantel in the US White House cabinet room hangs a painting titled "The Signing of the Declaration of Independence" by Armand-Dumaresq.


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