Extente des Iles (1331)

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Survey of land ownership in the Channel Islands in 1331. Known as the Domesday Book for the Channel Islands, it was transcribed, translated and published by the Société Jersiaise in 1876.


  • Extente de l'Ile de Jersey, 1331. Edouard III, La Société Jersiaise, Publication 1, Beresford Library (1876)
  • Extente des iles de Jersey, Guernesey, Aurigny et Serk suivi des Inquisitions dans les iles de Jersey et Guernesey, 1274. Edouard I, La Société Jersiaise, Publication 2, Beresford Library (1878)
  • Sir H W de Sausmarez,The extentes of 32 Henry III (1248) and of 5 Edward III (1331),Transactions of La Société Guernesiaise, Vol XI No 3 (1932)
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