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Family tree index - D

In October 2018 we embarked on a further programme of checking trees, adding further details where possible and making any necessary corrections. Notes to this effect are often added to the tinted box at the top right of each tree. You can also click on the History tab at the top of the page to check on the progress of any tree since it was first added.

Not only is this work enabling us to add considerable extra information to many trees which have been on the site for some time, some approaching nine years, but we have also been able to correct errors, expand some trees, establish links between others, and add a number of new trees.

Our review of trees for families beginning D was completed in December 2018; trees for de Carteret, de La Haye, de La Mare, de Ste Croix, Dorey, du Feu and Dumaresq will be subject to a further detailed study in 2019.

The trees will be further expanded as resources permit, and it is always open to site users to add details from their own trees. Additions are welcome at any time, but please follow the site policy of contacting us before amending any existing details in trees.

Introductory page for the Jerripedia family tree collection

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de Carteret

de Gruchy

de la Haye

de la Mare

de St Martin

De Ste Croix

De Veulle





du Feu

du Heaume


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