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The Forest, or St Margaret de la Forêt, is a small parish about the centre of the south of the island, is bound on the east by the parish of St Martin; St-Peter-in-the-Wood on the west; St Andrews in the north; and on the south by the sea; and is distant about four miles south-south-west from St Peter Port. It contains 2,379 vergées, and a population of 622 inhabitants, census of 1871. In 1861 the population was 612. We have no great deal of historical matter belonging to this parish, excepting the localities which will be noticed in their respective places. Fine views present themselves from most of the elevated parts of the parish. La Gouffre, La Moye Point, Petite Bot Bay, and the Corbiere are the principal places of historical remark, yet the whole of the south of this island abound in scenery of the noblest description. Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)




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The parish lies entirely within the Fief le Roi.



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