Godfray family members who served in World War 1

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Godfray family members who served in the Great War


Two members of the family are counted as having lost their lives through service in the armed forces and a further 29 saw active service in World War 1.

The dates shown are often birth or baptism dates from our database, not necessarily those shown on service records, and parishes shown are parish of birth, where known, not the parish in which individuals were living when they joined up.

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Sons and daughter of Francis Godfray and Alice

  • Arthur Francis Godfray (1881- ) (Gr) L-Cpl, RASC
  • Leopold George Godfray (1886- ) (Gr) Private, Newfoundland Regiment
  • Magdalene Florence Godfray (1897- ) (Gr) British Red Cross
  • Percival John Godfray (1884- ) (Gr) ex-RMIJ, Private, RASC

  • Arthur Walter Godfray (1868- ) (Gr) son of William Henry and Fanny Private, Canadian Infantry, lied about age
  • Charles Arthur Godfray MM (1896- ) (St O) son of George and Emily, Corporal, Canadian Army Medical Corps
  • Clarence John Godfray (1897- ) (St O) sonof Philip and Alice, ex-RMIJ, Private, Manchester Regiment
  • Edward Charles Godfray (1894- ) (St S), Sapper, Canadian Engineers
  • Francis G Godfray MM (1896- ) (St O) son of Philip and Alice, Corporal, Canada
  • Francis John Godfray (1898- ) (St H) son of John Francis and Kate Florence Lidstone, Private,Dorsetshire Regiment, wounded
  • Francis Philip Godfray (1896- ) son of Francis and Clara, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles, wounded twice
  • Frank Godfray (St Mt) ex-RMIJ, Private, Labour Corps
  • Frank Salmon Godfray (St P), Sergeant, RGA
  • Henry Ernest Godfray (1895- ) (St O) son of George and Emily, Sergeant, Canadian Tank Corps
  • Henry Godfray (St O), Corporal, Tank Corps
  • James Bernabey Godfray (1889- ) (St C) son of James and Agnes Jane, Corporal RE
  • John Charles Lerrier Godfray (1882- ) (Leamington) son of John William and Annie Muntz OBE, MC, Legion d'Honneur, OV, Lieut-Col RASC, no island connecton apart from education
  • John Clarence Godfray (1899- ) (St H) son of John Francis and Kate Florence Lidstone, Pioneer RE
  • John Vance Godfray (1887- ) (St H) son of Charles and Mary Julia, OV, Captain, Worcestershire Regiment, wounded
  • John William Godfray, CB, CVO, CBE (1850-1921) (St H), OV, ADC to King George V, Brigadier General, Assistant Adjutant General RMIJ,
  • Leonard Godfray (1888- ) (St H) son of Francis and Elizabeth, 2nd Lieutenant RFA, wounded
  • Raymond Luther Godfray (1888- ) (St S) son of John Thomas and Julia Belward, L-Cpl, RJGB
  • Mowatt Godfray, MBE, OV, Captain, City of London Yeomanry (no apparent Jersey family link)
  • Percy Ernest Godfray (1881- ) (St P) son of Francois and Elizabeth Fanny, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment
  • Stanley Godfray (1896- ) (Tr) son of George and Emily, Gunner RGA
  • Walter Philip Godfray (1885- ) (St Mt) son of Philip and Ann, Sergeant RASC
  • Wesley Godfray (1889- ) (St H) son of Francis and Mary Ann, ex-RMIJ, Corporal, Middlesex Regiment, wounded
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