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Gosselin is a name of very early occurrence in Norman annals, and a family so called still exists at Boismontel in that Duchy. In the Bayeux inquest it appears as a pre-nomen. Gosellinus de Corcella feodum v mil in Corcella et in Berneriis. Vide Taylor's Chronicle of the Conquest.

Mont Orgueil rescue

Robert Gosselin greatly distinguished himself in the rescue of the Castle of Mont Orgueil from the French in the reign of Edward III, and in consequence, according to family tradition, was appointed Governor of that fortress, and received from the King on 3 July 1339 a docquet of the armorial ensigns still borne by his descendants:

Gules, a chevron between three crescents ermine.

By the evidence of a member of the family, a stone bearing a chevron between three crescents appears to have existed over the gateway of this castle, but which has for some years been removed.

Thomas Gosselin, a descendant of Robert, was a Jurat of the Royal Court of Jersey in 1521. William Gosselin was also a Jurat in the same island in 1541 and subsequently became its Lieut-Bailiff in 1552.

His son Helier Gosselin, settling in Guernsey, was sworn Attorney-General for that island in September 1546 and became its Bailiff for a period extending over the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth.

His son Nicholas Gosselin was one of the Clerks of the Council, temp Elizabeth and was elected in 1565 a Jurat of the Royal Court of Guernsey. He married Perronelle, daughter of Thomas Lempriere, Lieut-Bailiff of Jersey. By a deed dated 10 October 1567 the estate of Beauregard, and a tract of land in the vicinity of Havre Gosselin, both in the Island of Sark, were granted by Helier de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen in Jersey, andof the Island of Sark "to his dear friend Nicholas Gosselin of Guernsey, and to Peronelle Lempriere, his wife" at a nominal rent of 54 sols sterling per annum.

Jersey branch extinct

Although it appears the Jersey branch existed for a lengthened period after the establishment of its principal members in the sister island (of which William and Nicholas Gosselin are mentioned by the Chronicler of St Ouen as being prominently instrumental in introducing the reformed faith into their native island) yet it is now extinct and its three existing branches are represented by Thomas WIlliam Gosselin, Jurat of the Royal Court of Guernsey, of Springfield; and Joshua Carteret Gosselin, Captain RN, of Beaulieu, both in the Island of Guernsey.

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