Great War Roll of Service

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Great War Roll of Service


After the end of the First World War the States of Jersey created a list of all those islanders who lost their lives during the conflict, and in 1919 they published an official Roll of Honour. This document also included a Roll of Service, containing the names and units of those known at the time to have been in the armed services during the war. This page contains links to that Roll of Service.

An extended online list has been produced in recent years, containing significantly more names than the original, because the qualifications for inclusion have been extended. The digital Roll of Service includes many whose connections with the island are somewhat tenuous - those who were educated, often for short periods, at Victoria College; those who married Jersey women but never lived in, or even visited, the island; Frenchmen who were working in Jersey when the war started; and many whose connections with the island have yet to be established. We make no comment on the rights and wrongs of widening the qualifications for inclusion in the new, unofficial Roll of Service. We merely wish to make clear that this page contains what was, and remains, the only official Roll of Service

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Great War Roll of Honour

Great War - French servicemen living in Jersey

Great War - Mercantile Marine

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Clayden to Connell
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Cory to Cummings
Cummings to Day-Luce
Day-Luce to de Gruchy
de Gruchy to de La Haye
de La Haye to Deslandes
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Dobin to Drowyn
Du Bois to Dupre
Dupre to Elliott
Elliott to Falle
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Gruchy to Hacquoil
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Hamon to Harvey
Harvey to Hervieu
Hervieu to Holloway
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Irwin to Jeune
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Lakeman to Laugeard
Laugeard to Le Blancq
Le Blancq to Le Brocq
Le Brocq to Le Claire
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Le Cornu to Lefebvre
Le Feuvre to Le Goupil
Le Grand to Le Havre
Le Hegarat to Le Lion
Le Long to Le Marquand
Le Marquand to Le Monnier
Le Monnier to Le Poidevin
Le Poidevin to Le Rue
Le Rue to Le Sueur
Le Sueur to Lindsell
Lindsey to Luce
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Mallabone to Marett
Marett to Martin
Martin to Mc Donald
Mc Donald to Middleton
Miere to Mollet
Mollet to Mourant
Mourant to Neville
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Perree to Pinel
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Winter to Yvon
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