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Great War service by members of miscellaneous families


Our family pages - over 1,200 of them - now all include details of members of those families who served and lost their lives in the Great War. This page provides an index to members of other families starting with P who were participants in the conflict

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

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For participants from these families, please visit the individual family pages

Paisnel Pallot Palmer Paris Parker
Parsons Paskins Pasturel Patch Patterson
Payn Pearce Pellier Pelluet Penny
Pepin Perchard Perkins Perree Perrier
Perrin Perrot Perry Petit Phillips
Picot Pigeon Pihan Pinel Pinglaux
Pipon Pirouet Pitman Podger Poignand
Poingdestre Poole Pooley Potier Preston
Price Prouten Pugsley Purchase
  • Paddington, Edwin George, Sapper, Royal Engineers, Railway Operating Division, Born Winchester, living St Helier, Jersey wife
  • Page, Albert Edward, Bombardier, RGA, From St Helier
  • Page, Sydney Arthur, Gunner, RGA, 110 Company, Wounded (2), From St Helier
  • Pain, Charles Robert, Private, Middlesex Regiment, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Pain, Henry, Private, RAMC, From St Helier
  • Paine, Ross Arbouin, Lance Corporal, Honourable Artillery Company, 1st Battalion, OV
  • Painter, Adolphus Victor, Private, Somerset Light Infantry, From St Helier, Ex-2RMIJ
  • Painter, Frederick John, Gunner, RFA, From St Helier
  • Pakenham, Everett Hugh, Lieutenant, Leicestershire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, OV
  • Pakenham, Hugh Richard Hercules, Captain, East Lancashire Regiment, OV
  • Pakenham, Violet Marianne, British Red Cross Society
  • Pallett, Thomas, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey
  • Palzeard, John, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey
  • Parbury, Frederick Denis, Captain, RAMC, From St Helie
  • Parnell-Smith, Walter, Captain, Officers' Training Corps, Victoria College, OV
  • Parouty, Louis, Private, Royal Militia Island of Jersey, 3rd Battalion
  • Pascoe, Joseph William, Air Mechanic 2nd Class, RAF, From St Helier, born 23 Dec 1899
  • Pashley, Robert, Private, Labour Corps, From St Helier
  • Passmore, Henry H, DCM, 1914-15 Star, Sergeant, RGA, 12th Heavy Battery, Wounded, From St Helier. Ex-Jersey Prison Staff
  • Pattimore, William James, DCM, MM, Sergeant, King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1st Battalion, From St John, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Pattison, John William, Lance Corporal, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier, Born 19 May 1896 at First Tower.
  • Paturel, George Peter, Driver, RFA, From St Martin
  • Paturel, John Peter, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment, 6th Battalion, Wounded, From St Martin
  • Paturel, Percy Albert, Private, JHfBoys
  • Pavoux, Francis, 1914 Star, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment, 1st Battalion
  • Peet, Thomas Oswald, Private, London Regiment (London Scottish), 14th Battalion, Wounded, OV
  • Pelguin, Thomas George, Private, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, From St Helier
  • Pelham, George, 1914 Star, Corporal, RAMC
  • Pellow, Bertie Cecil, Air Mechanic, RAF, Born Jersey, 5 Sep 1896, parents Charles Edwin Pellow and Mary Ann McKeown
  • Pemberton, Robert Edward Kingsdown, Second Lieutenant, Bedfordshire Regiment, OV
  • Pennec, John Auguste, Private, Canadian Infantry, From St Ouen
  • Pennison, Herbert H, London Regiment, 3rd Battalion
  • Pennison, Philip de la Lande, Private, Labour Corps, From St Helier
  • Pennison, Richard, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1855
  • Pepin, Arthur Raymond, Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, From St Ouen
  • Pepprell, Frederick William, Private, 1st Class, RAF, Airship Wing, RAF Cranwell, From St Helier, born 7 Sep 1882. Ex-RMIJ
  • Periot, Pierre Marie, Soldat 2nd Class, French Engineers, Born in Jersey, 7 Jul 1893
  • Perks, Harry, MM, 1914-15 Star, Corporal, Hampshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion
  • Perks, Harry, MM, Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry, Portsmouth Division, From St Saviour, born 14 Dec 1894
  • Peron, Jean Pierre, Soldat 2nd Class, French Infantry. Born Jersey, 28 Jan 1897
  • Perredes, Aline Lydia, British Red Cross Society
  • Perron, Francis, Able Seaman, RN, HMS Barham, From St Lawrence,
  • Pestel, Rene, Driver, RFA, From Grouville
  • Petano, Dudley Kingston, Lieutenant, RGA, OV
  • Petican, John Wilfred Francis. Born Jersey, 9 Jul 1897
  • Petican, Joseph, 1914-15 Star, Stoker Petty Officer, RN, HMS Maidstone, Born Jersey, 25 Sept 1878
  • Petiquin, John, 1914-15 Star, Private, Australian Infantry, 27th Battalion, Wounded, From Grouville
  • Pettifer, William P, Canada. Born Jersey June 1872
  • Pettiquin, Elias Victor, Regimental Sergeant Major, Royal Engineers, From Grouville
  • Pettiquin, Frank Philip, Lance Corporal, RJGB, From Grouville, Ex-2RMIJ
  • Pevill, Alfred John, Gunner, RGA, From St Brelade
  • Peyton, Olive, Lady Superintendent, British Red Cross Society
  • Pharazyn, Eric Louis, 1914-15 Star, Captain, Late Norfolk Regiment, OV
  • Philippe, Jean Francois, Mercantile Marine, Born in Guernsey, 18 Jan 1897. Son of Jersey born Jean Francois Philippe and Marie Louise Jarnot from Plelo in Brittany. Served as John Francis Phillips
  • Philpott, Aubrey, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Philpott, Clifford Oxenford, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Philpott, Richard, Private, Royal Highlanders, From St Helier
  • Pichon, Eugene Alfred, Mercantile Marine
  • Pichon, Louis Joseph, Private, Dorset Regiment, From St Helier
  • Pichon, Victor, 1914-15 Star, Private, Royal Fusiliers, From St Helier
  • Piddington, Arthur G, Major, RFA, From St Lawrence, Canadian Born
  • Pinceman, Frank, 1914-15 Star, Stoker, 1st Class, RN, HMS Skirmisher (HMS Azalea), Born St Helier, 12 Mar 1890
  • Pinching, Daniel Peacock Wildbore, Gunner, Machine Gun Corps, Born St Helier, 14 Mar 1899
  • Pinfield, Thomas, 1914-15 Star, Private, South Staffordshire Regiment, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Pinwill, Albert Edward, Ordinary Seaman, RN, HMS Victory I, Born St Helier, 4 Nov 1884
  • Pinwill, Frank, Private, Worcestershire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Pinwill, Henry Harold, Private, RAOC
  • Pinwill, William Benjamin, 1914-15 Star, Petty Officer, RN, HMS Canada, Born St Helier, 13 Mar 1886
  • Piper, Sidney, Private, RAMC, From St Helier
  • Piquet, Arthur Fred, Sergeant, Canadian Infantry, Wounded, PoW, From St Helier, OV
  • Piquet, Clarence John, Private, RJGB, From Trinity, OV
  • Piquet, George, Gunner, RFA, From St Helier
  • Piquet, George Clement, MM, Company Sergeant Major, East Lancashire Regiment, Wounded (2), From St Helie
  • Piquet, Herbert, Private, Royal Militia Island of Jersey, OV
  • Piquet, Jean, Wireless Operator, RAF, From St Helier, OV
  • Piquet, John Amy, Lieutenant, RAF, Wounded, Born St Helier, 27 Apr 1893. OV
  • Piquet, John Philip, Mercantile Marine
  • Piquet, Reginald Sidney, Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Born St Helier, 16 May 1888 (Post Office Rifles), 8th Battalion, From St Helier
  • Pitcher, Reginald Arthur, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1899
  • Plasting, George William, Gunner, RGA, From St Helier
  • Playle, George, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1859
  • Pleven, John Francis, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Clement
  • Pleven, Peter Albert, Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, From St Clement
  • Pluck, Arthur, Private, Monmouth, Born St Helier, 12 Jan 1899. Died Manchester 1974
  • Pluck, Frank, Sergeant, Royal Engineers, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Pluck, James, 1914-15 Star, Private, Royal Army Service Corps, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Plumbley, Frank Hamilton, Gunner, RGA, 494th Siege Battery, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Plymen, Cyril Alfred, Chief Writer, RN, HMS Leviathan, Born St Saviour, 24 Jun 1883
  • Plymen, Herbert Stanley, MC, Captain, RGA, From St Saviour, Ex-RMIJ
  • Pogson, Edith Gladys, British Red Cross Society
  • Poidevin, Alfred John, Private, 2nd Class, RAF, Born Jersey, 21 Aug 1886
  • Poisson, Soldat, PoW, JEP 7 Jan 1919
  • Poling, David Maitland, 1914 Star, Sergeant, Corps of Dragoons, Born St Helier, 9 Nov 1888
  • Poling, Frederick Arnold, 1914 Star, Bombardier, Royal Horse Artillery, Born Alderney, 1887. Jersey Mother. Died 29 Jan 1957
  • Poling, Thomas Anthony, 1914-15 Star, Private, Labour Corps, Northern Command, Born Ceylon, 1884. Jersey mother
  • Pollock, Evelyn, 1914-15 Star, Colonel, Royal Militia Island of Jersey, Artillery
  • Pollock, Vincent David, Second Lieutenant, 1/35th Sikhs, OV Born Meerut, India, c.1900. Younger son of Col E Pollock. Died Beira 3 May 1949.
  • Pollock-Gore, Henry Patrick J Marie, Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Pollock-Gore, William Alexander Joseph, Second Lieutenant, Indian Army, 128th Pioneers, From St Helier, OV
  • Pomeroy, Charles Clinton, Sergeant, From St Martin, Canada
  • Porteous, Ernest George, MSM, QMS, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, Depot, Born Manchester, 1884, at Fort Regent 1908-11
  • Porter, Frank, Private, From St Helier, Canada
  • Potter, Frederick, 1914-15 Star, Shoeing Smith, Royal Army Service Corps
  • Potter, Frederick Leighton, Private, RJGB, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Potter, James, 1914-15 Star, Private, Royal Fusiliers, From St Helier
  • Potter, Leslie Charles, Second Lieutenant, RGA, Wounded, OV
  • Potts, Douglas Charles Denis, 1914 Star, Second Lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps, PoW, OV
  • Powys-Jones, Lionel, Second Lieutenant, King's Royal Rifle Corps, OV
  • Prain, Sidney David, Sapper, Royal Engineers, Signals, From St Helier
  • Prall, William, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1861
  • Pralle, Alfred Herbert, Private, Royal Army Service Corps, Remounts, From St Helier,
  • Pralle, Reginald Henry, 1914-15 Star, Private, RAMC, From St Saviour
  • Prankerd, Sydney Albert, Staff Sergeant, RAMC, 6th Company, From St Helier
  • Pratt, Cecil Edwin de Ste Croix, Private, Dorset Regiment, From St Helier
  • Pratt, John Francis, 1914-15 Star, Stoker 1st Class, RN, HMS Iron Duke, From St Mary
  • Prevel, Percy Elias John, Sapper, Canada. Born St Helier 3 Nov 1889
  • Priestley, Mary, British Red Cross Society
  • Priestwood, Hilton Thomas, 1914-15 Star, Sergeant Major, RFA, From St Helier
  • Priestwood, William Mark Long, 1914 Star, Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery, A Battery, From St Helier, JHfBoys
  • Prigent, Augustin, 1914-15 Star, Private, Hampshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Pring, Walter Maurice, Private, Dorset Regiment, From St Helier
  • Prior, Patrick Joseph, Gunner, RFA, From St Helier
  • Prior, William Denis, Private, RAMC, From St Helier
  • Pritchard, Alexander John Loft, MC, 1914-15 Star, Captain, South Staffordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, OV
  • Pritchard, Elsie, British Red Cross Society
  • Pritchard, Emeric William Loft, Lieutenant, South Staffordshire Regiment, From St Helier, OV
  • Proper, John Francis, Private, RJGB, From St Helier
  • Proper, Winter Charles, Private, Dorset Regiment, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Provost, Francis John, 1914 Star, Rifleman, Rifle Brigade, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Pryor, William Alfred, Private, RAOC, From St Helier
  • Pugh, Lewis William, 1914-15 Star, Sergeant, East Surrey Regiment, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Pullen, Charles Arthur, Private, Labour Corps, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ,
  • Pullen, Ernest John, Air Mechanic, 3rd Class, RAF, Born St Helier, 25 Mar 1896. Died 1969. Ex-3RMIJ
  • Purkis, George Thomas, Corporal, RAF, Born St Helier, 1896. Ex-3RMIJ.
  • Purkiss, Frederick, Sapper, Canada, From St Helier
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