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Great War service by members of miscellaneous families


Our family pages - over 1,200 of them - now all include details of members of those families who served and lost their lives in the Great War. This page provides an index to members of other families starting with R who were participants in the conflict

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

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For participants from these families, please visit the individual family pages

Rabasse Rabet Raffray Ralph Ramier
Randall Ratel Rault Rebindaine Reed
Remon Remy Renault Rendall Renouf
Reynolds Ricard Richard Richardson Richmond
Richomme Ricou Riley Rimeur Rimington
Rive Robert Robilliard Robin Robinson
Roche Rogers Roissier Rolland Romeril
Rondel Rose Ross Roscouet Routier
Rowcliffe Rowe Ryan
  • Rabey, Jules, Private, Wiltshire Regiment, 6th Battalion, From St Lawrence, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Radcliffe, Cyril Elphinstone St John, 1914-15 Star, Lieutenant, Indian Army, 1st/69th Punjabis, OV
  • Radcliffe, Gwladys Kathleen, British Red Cross Society
  • Radford, Oswald H, Major, 57th Rifles Frontier Force, OV
  • Rafferty, Henry Adolphus William, Lance Corporal, Dorset Regiment, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Ralph, Walter Beckford, 1914-15 Star, Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, PoW, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Rattenbury, Ernest Frederick, Pioneer, Royal Engineers, From St Helier
  • Raven, John Claudius Henry, 1914-15 Star, Major, Connaught Rangers, OV, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Rawding, Eric Stanislaus, 1914-15 Star, Flight Sergeant, RAF, No 3 Cadet Wing, Born St Helier, 10 Jun 1895
  • Raymer, Robert Richmond, CMG, DSO, MiD (4), 1914-15 Star, Lieutenant Colonel, South Staffordshire Regiment, 5th Battalion, Wounded, From St Saviour, OV, Master, CO VC OTC
  • Raymond, George Charles, 1914-15 Star, Able Seaman, RN, Greenwich (HMS Nonpareil), Born St Brelade, 7 Sep 1896
  • Raymond, James George, Mercantile Marine, Born St Brelade 29 Jul 1892
  • Rayner, Frederick Somerton, Boy Artificer, RN, HMS Fisgard
  • Raynor, Edmund Victor, Lieutenant, 1/55th Coke's Rifles, OV
  • Raynor, Vernon Hamilton, Captain, 87th Punjabis, OV
  • Rayson, Henry Charles, Private, Dorset Regiment, From St Helier
  • Rayson, John William, Private, Labour Corps, From St Lawrence
  • Read, Thomas, 1914-15 Star, Stoker 1st Class, RN, HMS Mersey, born St Helier, 13 Oct 1896
  • Ready, William Millard, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier,
  • Reddy, Elias Philip, Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
  • Rees-Webbe, Marmaduke Oswald Norman, 1914 Star, Major, Northamptonshire Regiment, OV
  • Reeve, George Cyril, Private, OV, Canada
  • Reilly, William, Private, Royal Defence Corps, From St Saviour
  • Reilly, William, Corporal, Worcestershire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Remfry, Beatrice, British Red Cross Society
  • Remfry, Gladys Dora, British Red Cross Society
  • RenĂ©e, Adolphus Desire Alfred, Private, RJGB, From St Saviour
  • Rennell, Henry, 1914-15 Star, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, RN, HMS Amethyst, Born St Helier, 24 May 1873
  • Repper, Charles Opie, Private, Canadian Infantry, Born St Helier, 16 Mar 1877
  • Repper, Philip, 1914-15 Star, Able Seaman, RN, HMS Attentive III, Born St Saviour, 14 Sep 1879.
  • Reynel, John Walter, Ordinary Seaman, RN, HMS Achilles, Born Trinity, 27 Mar 1900
  • Rice, Amoyl H, 1914-15 Star, Private, Grenadier Guards, From St Helier
  • Rice, Robert William, Sergeant, RAOC, From St Helier
  • Richcoeur, Louis Alexandre, Private, RJGB, From St Saviour
  • Richcoeur, Rene Mathurin, Private, RJGB, From St Helier
  • Riches, Arthur Robin, Private, RJGB, From St Helier
  • Rickard, William, Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps, 12th Battalion, Born St Helier, 23 Oct 1898
  • Rickett, Charles Edward, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Rickett, George Stapley, 1914 Star, Driver, Royal Army Service Corps, From St Helier
  • Rideout, Philip, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1870
  • Ringwood, Maurice James Lawrell, MiD, 1914-15 Star, Lieutenant, Australian Infantry, 11th Battalion, OV
  • Riou, Frank Louis, Private, From St Lawrence, born 29 Aug 1899 Canada
  • Risbridger, Charles Frederick, 1914-15 Star, Private, Royal Fusiliers, Wounded, Jersey Overseas Contingent. From St Ouen
  • Risbridger, Ernest Henry, Company Sergeant Major, Canadian Infantry, 76th Battalion, Wounded, From St Ouen
  • Risbridger, Harold Rundle, Sergeant, King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1st Battalion, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Ritson, Edwin, Captain, Mercantile Marine, SS Queen Mary, Born Sunderland, 1857
  • Rivallon, Frank Gustave, Private, Somerset Light Infantry, 8th Battalion, From St Saviour
  • Riviere, Eugene, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1869
  • Riviere, Joseph Pierre, Private, RJGB, From St Peter
  • Rixon, Arthur Thomas, Private, Labour Corps, From St Helier
  • Roach, Henry George, Rifleman, Rifle Brigade, From St Lawrence,
  • Roach, John Francis Henry, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment, From St Lawrence, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Robson, Ethel Jane, British Red Cross Society
  • Rodda, Henry Albert Goldsworthy, Stoker, 1st Class, RN
  • Rodda, Raymond Gerald, Private, Machine Gun Corps, Born St Helier, 18 July 1898
  • Rodda, Richard Elias, Bombardier, From St Helier, Canada
  • Roddy, George, MC, Captain, 1st SA Infantry, OV, Brother of Edwin (JROH)
  • Rodger, Henry Catherwood, 1914-15 Star, Private, Machine Gun Corps, From St Helier
  • Rodger, James Patterson, 1914-15 Star, Corporal, RAOC, Wounded, From St Helier, Jersey mother
  • Rodger, John Thomas, Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers, 11th Battalion, From St Helier, Jersey mother
  • Rogan, Yves Francis, Gunner, RGA, From Grouville Ex-2RMIJ
  • Rohrs, John, Air Mechanic, 2nd Class, Australian Flying Corps, 6th Training Squadron, From St Helier
  • Ronxin, Biename Jean, Private, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, From St Lawrence
  • Ronxin, John Baptiste, 1914-15 Star, Private, RJGB, Wounded, From St Peter, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Ronxin, Thomas George, Boy 1st Class, RN, HMS Edgar, Born St Helier, 7 Nov 1901
  • Ropert, Francis John, Private, Ex-RMIJ, Canada
  • Roudot, Francis Marie, Private, Devonshire Regiment, Depot, From St Saviour, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Rougier, Leon Constant, Sergeant, Labour Corps, 25th Labour Company,
  • Rousseau, Louis Charles, Corporal, French Infantry, Born 30 Jun 1887. Died Jersey, 30 Mar 1960. Medaille Militaire awarded in 1934.
  • Rousseau, Maurice Charles, Captain, From St Helier, Canada
  • Rout, William James, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1859
  • Routley, Robert, Private, RAMC, From St Helier
  • Rowden, Sidney, 1914-15 Star, Able Seaman, RN, HMS Minerva, JHfBoys
  • Rowley, Thomas, Private, Canadian Infantry, From St Peter, Ex-1RMIJ,
  • Royds, George Freeman, Captain, Dorsetshire Regiment, OV
  • Ruaux, Charles Edward, Boy Signaller, RN, HMS Malaya, Born St Helier 29 Jan 1901
  • Ruaux, George Frederick, MM, 1914-15 Star, Private, Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, 1st Battalion, Wounded (2), Born St Saviour
  • Ruaux, Philip George, Private, Labour Corps, From St Martin
  • Ruellan, Alexander Joseph, Private, Northamptonshire Regiment, From St Lawrence
  • Ruellan, Peter Henry, 1914-15 Star, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles, From St Helier, Ex-2RMIJ
  • Ruff, Alfred James, Gunner, RGA, Wounded, Born St Helier, 22 Sep 1895. Ex-RMIJ
  • Rumfitt, Charles Patrick, MSM, 1914 Star, Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps
  • Rumfitt, Edward George, Lieutenant, RAF, Wounded, Croix de Guerre
  • Rumfitt, Francis, Lance Corporal, King's Shropshire Light Infantry, From St Helier
  • Rumfitt, Walter Frederick, DCM, 1914-15 Star, Sapper, Royal Engineers,
  • Rumsey, Reginald, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1884
  • Rumsey, William Joseph, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1866
  • Rundle, Alan Gordon, Lieutenant, Royal Horse Artillery, OV
  • Rundle, Aylmer Maurice, Midshipman, RN, HMS Cumberland
  • Russell, Alexander, Private, RJGB, From St Helier
  • Russell, Frederick Charles, Private, RAMC, From St Helier
  • Rust, George William, 1914-15 Star, Petty Officer 1st Class, RN, HMS Princess Royal, Born St Helier, 6 Mar 1890. JHfBoys
  • Rust, Henry Charles, Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, Born St Helier, 11 Jul 1893. JHfBoys
  • Rybot, Ellen Christiana, British Red Cross Society
  • Rybot, Katherine Georgina, British Red Cross Society
  • Rybot, Norman Victor Lacey, DSO, MiD, Major, 76th Punjabis, PoW, OV
  • Ryder, Arthur, MiD, Captain, Intelligence Corps, OV
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