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Great War service by members of miscellaneous families


Our family pages - over 1,200 of them - now all include details of members of those families who served and lost their lives in the Great War. This page provides an index to members of other families starting with T who were participants in the conflict

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

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For participants from these families, please visit the individual family pages

Talibard Tanguy Tardivel Taylor Thatcher
Thelland Therin Thomas Thompson Thorn
Tibot Tirel Tisson Tocque Tomes
Tostevin Tourgis Touzel Toy Trachy
Troy Truscott Tucker Turner Turpin
  • Tabb, William George, Officer’s Steward 3rd Class, RN, HMS Medway, From St Helier
  • Tabb, Charles John Edward, Lance Corporal, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, From St Helier, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Tabel, John Galliene, Private, Australian Infantry, 11th Battalion, Wounded (3), From St Helier
  • Tachon, Frank, Private, Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, 1st Battalion, PoW, Born St Martin
  • Tachon, Walter Francis Marie, 1914-15 Star, Sergeant, RGA, 17th Siege Battery, Wounded, Died 15 Jan 1963.
  • Tacon, Auguste Louis, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier,
  • Tangey, Joseph John, Corporal, Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, From St Lawrence
  • Tank, Clarence Philip, Private, RAMC, From St Saviour
  • Tank, Ernest James, Private, Hampshire Regiment, Born St Helier, 1 Jul 1885. Ex-2RMIJ
  • Tank, Frank Laurens, Private, Born St Helier, 8 Oct 1897. Canada
  • Tank, Richard, Private, Born St Helier, 11 Jun 1892. Ex-1RMIJ, Canada
  • Tapley, William Henry John, Signaller, SA Scottish, Born St Helier, 20 Feb 1895
  • Tarrant, Charles Cowley, Corporal, RJGB, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Tassel, John Francis, Blacksmith, 4th Class, RN, HMS Assistance, Born St Helier, 4 Aug 1899
  • Tasson, Alfred, Private, Royal Army Veterinary Corps, From St Helier
  • Taton, Owen, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1880
  • Taunton, Hugh Lupus, 1914-15 Star, Captain, East Kent Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion, Born St Helier, 29 Dec 1893
  • Taunton, John William Lionel, OBE, 1914-15 Star, Major, Royal Army Service Corps, OV
  • Taunton, Raufe Grosvenor, 1914-15 Star, Captain, Royal West Kent Regiment, 4th Battalion, Born St Helier, 16 Mar 1892
  • Teague, Clarence William, Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1st Battalion, Born St Helier, 11 Mar 1895
  • Temple, Sidney George, Private, Labour Corps, Born St Helier, 8 Apr 1882
  • Tennant, Hugh Johnstone Dalrymple, MiD, Captain, RJGB, From St Brelade, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Terry, Adrienne, British Red Cross Society
  • Terry, Albert Edward, 1914-15 Star, Sergeant, RGA, 50th Siege Battery, Born St Helier, 1 Apr 1894
  • Terry, David John, Private, Hampshire Regiment, Wounded, Born St Helier, 25 Dec 1898
  • Terry, L, British Red Cross Society
  • Tesh, Arthur Cecil, Private, RJGB, Born Leicestershire, 1887. Resident 1911
  • Theobald, Mabel Helen, British Red Cross Society
  • Thepot, Yves, French Navy, Guingamp/Class 1916/379. Born Jersey, 11 May 1896, died 11 Jan 1931
  • Therin, Leonard John, Private, Royal Army Service Corps, From Trinity, Ex-2RMIJ
  • Thermal, John, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1865
  • Thiebot, Francis, Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, From St Brelade
  • Thornton, William Richard, Private, Hampshire Regiment, Born St Helier, 17 Feb 1892
  • Thoume, Edward Mauger, Corporal, Born St Helier, 26 Oct 1883. Canada Brother of Thomas M Thoume (JROH)
  • Throssell, Cecil William, Clerk, 3rd Class, RAF, Born St Helier, 3 Oct 1883
  • Thuillier, John Louis Albert, Private, RJGB, From St Martin
  • Thurban, John Arthur, Private, Royal Engineers, From St Helier
  • Tierney, Frederick William, Private, RAOC, From St Helier
  • Tierney, James, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1870
  • Tierney, Richard Joseph, Private, Machine Gun Corps, From St Helier
  • Tierney, S, Private, RAOC, In 1919 JRoS.
  • Tierney, Sidney James, Private, Royal Defence Corps, 113th Protection Company, Born St Helier, 28 Mar 1895
  • Tierney, Sydney Herbert, 1914 Star, Stoker 1st Class, RN, HMS Gunner
  • Tily, Yves Marie, Soldat, 2e Classe, French Infantry, 19th Regiment, PoW. Born Jersey, 2 Sep 1894.
  • Tite, Frederick William, Driver, RFA, 108th Battery, Born St Helier, 8 Nov 1893
  • Tite, Samuel John, Stoker Petty Officer, RN, HMS Vivid II, Born St Helier, 15 Oct 1867.
  • Tobin, Edward, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1861
  • Toker, Alliston Champion, Major General, OV
  • Toms, Alfred, Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps, From St John, Ex-1RMIJ Brother of William
  • Toms, Humphrey Woodland, Lieutenant, RAF, From St Helier, OV, Brother of Frazer and Arthur W Toms
  • Toneri, Edgar Lucien, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1880
  • Toneri, Leonard William, 1914-15 Star, Fireman, Mercantile Marine Reserve, SS Caesarea
  • Toovey, Ernest Villiers Hamilton, 1914-15 Star, Lieutenant, Black Watch, Wounded, From St Helier, OV
  • Toovey, H Hamilton, Lieutenant, 5th Lancers, Wounded, OV
  • Toovey, Henry Hamilton, Private, RAMC, OV, SWB
  • Torode, Cyril, 1914-15 Star, Private, Hampshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Torpy, Wilfred John, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment, 6th Battalion, Born St Helier, 14 Oct 1893
  • Tournay, Cyril Beauchamp, Private, Australian Infantry, 11th Battalion, From St Helier, b 15 Jul 1899
  • Townsend, Frank James, Private, Royal Army Service Corps, From St Helier
  • Trainel, Peter, 1914-15 Star, Stoker 1st Class, RN, HMS Victorious (HMS Dahlia), Born St Saviour, 29 Jul 1880
  • Traisnel, Edmond (Edwin), 1914 Star, Private, Devonshire Regiment,
  • Travers, Robert William Francis, Captain, RN, Born Jersey 18 Aug 1872, died 19 Mar 1954
  • Trayhurn, Herbert Denis, 1914 Star, Sergeant, Devonshire Regiment, 1st Battalion, PoW, From St Helier
  • Traylen, Arthur William Wise, Private, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Born St Helier, 7 Nov 1883
  • Traylen, Ernest James, 1914 Star, Company Sergeant Major, South Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Born St Helier, 23 Oct 1880
  • Traylen, Herbert Francis, Sergeant, From St Helier, Ex-RMIJ, Ex-Rifle Bde, Canada
  • Traylen, Reginald Cecil, 1914 Star, Corporal, Royal Engineers, 7th Signal Company, From St Helier
  • Tredant, Alfred George, Driver, RFA, From St Helier
  • Trefflez, Peter, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1848
  • Tregear, Frank, Private, Royal Engineers, From St Helier, OV
  • Trehen, Frederick James, Gunner, RGA, From St Helier, Ex-RMIJ
  • Trenchard, Samuel J, 1914-15 Star, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles, 7th Battalion, Wounded, From St Helier,
  • Trenchard, Walter Henry, 1914-15 Star, Able Seaman, RN, Born 22 Sep 1894
  • Tressard, Alfred Leon, 1914-15 Star, Leading Stoker, RN, HMS Victory II, Born St Peter, 25 Apr 1882
  • Tressard, Clifford Francis, Gunner, RGA, 110 Company, From St Saviour, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Tressard, Ernest Francis, Private, Royal Army Service Corps, From St Mary
  • Tressard, Walter Pierre, Private, RJGB, From St Peter, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Trigell, Ernest Charles, Gunner, RGA, Born St Helier, 23 Sep 1897
  • Trinder, George William, Boy, Worcestershire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Triscott, Constantine Joseph, Third Officer, Mercantile Marine, SS Kashgar, Born 1892
  • Troy, John, Air Mechanic, 3rd Class, RAF, 218 Squadron, Born St Helier 14 May 1898
  • True, Charles Norman, Private, Devonshire Regiment, From St Helier, Assumed not Charles W, JEP 2 Jan 1919
  • True, George James, Private, RJGB, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • True, Walter Henry, Private, RJGB, From St Helier
  • Trump, George, Bombardier, RGA, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Tudor, Edward Owen, DSO, MiD (2), 1914-15 Star, Commander, RN, Cdr 20th Destroyer Flotilla, OV
  • Turgot, Stanley Marrick, Ordinary Signaller, RN, HMS Victory I, Born St Helier, 21 Jul 1899
  • Turnbull, David Oliver, DSO, Major, Royal Army Veterinary Corps, OV
  • Turnbull, John McLeod McKinnon, MM, MiD (3), Second Lieutenant, RGA, OV
  • Tutt, John Henry, Private, Royal Engineers, From St Helier
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