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Great War service by members of miscellaneous families


Our family pages - over 1,200 of them - now all include details of members of those families who served and lost their lives in the Great War. This page provides an index to members of other families starting with V who were participants in the conflict

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

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For participants from these families, please visit the individual family pages

Vallois Valpy Vardon Varney Vasse
Vasselin Vaudin Vautier Venement Vetier
Vibert Viel Vincent Voisin
  • Vade, Cyril Walpole, 1914-15 Star, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles, 7th Battalion, Wounded, From St Helier
  • Vance, Richard Halsted, MC, Captain, Royal Marine Light Infantry, OV,
  • Varaillon, Joseph, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Vatcher, Henry Monckton, Major, Royal Engineers, From St John, Ex-1RMIJ
  • Vaughan, Reginald Charles, MC, 1914-15 Star, Captain, King's Shropshire Light Infantry, Attached RAF, OV
  • Veage, James, Private, Labour Corps, Born St Helier, 1 Oct 1893. Brother of CL Veage (KIA)
  • Veage, Joseph, 1914 Star, Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry, Plymouth Division, Born St Helier. Brother of CL Veage (KIA)
  • Veler, Frank, Private, Machine Gun Corps, From St Lawrence, Ex-1RMIJ,
  • Veler, Joseph, Soldat, PoW, From St Lawrence
  • Venner, Valentine, Warrant Officer Class 1, RFA, Born St Peter, 28 Oct 1877
  • Verlet, John Paul, Private, Australian Infantry, 11th Depot Battalion, From St Mary
  • Vernon, Henry Albert Robert, Private, RJGB, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Veron, Charles Leon Edgar, Gunner, RGA, 285th Siege Battery, Wounded, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Veron, Ernest Auguste, 1914-15 Star, Private, Royal Irish Rifles, 7th Battalion, Wounded (2), From St Helier
  • Vickers, Harold Alfred, Corporal, Labour Corps, From St Helier, Ex-7RIR
  • Vickers, Joseph Charles, MM, 1914-15 Star, Private, Hampshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, From St Helier, Ex-3RMIJ
  • Vigott, Francis John, 1914-15 Star, Stoker Petty Officer, RN, HMS Vernon, Wounded (2), Born St Lawrence, 16 Aug 1879
  • Vigott, Philip Francis, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 6 Oct 1879
  • Villalard, Albert Etienne, 1914-15 Star, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Wounded
  • Villalard, Charles Francis, Private, York and Lancaster Regiment, 6th Battalion, From Grouville
  • Villalard, Edward John, 1914-15 Star, Able Seaman, RN, HMS Woolwich, Born 5 Jan 1890
  • Villars, Charles Frederick, Driver, RFA, From St Helier, Ex-RMIJ
  • Villette, Louis Charles, Private, Royal Army Service Corps, Wounded, From St Helier, Ex-1RMIJ, Ex-RJGB
  • Vilton, Charles, Private, RJGB, From St Saviour, Ex-RMIJ
  • Vilton, John, Sapper, Royal Engineers, From St Saviour, Ex-RMIJ
  • Vincent, Alfred, Mercantile Marine, Born Jersey, 1852
  • Vitel, Ernest, 1914-15 Star, Corporal, Tank Corps, From St Helier
  • Vitel, Fran├žois Marie, Private, Hampshire Regiment, From St Helier
  • Vitel, Frank, 1914-15 Star, Able Seaman, RN, HMS Agincourt, Born Cotes de Nord, France 2 Jan 1893
  • Voivenel, Frank Philip, Blacksmith's Mate, 4th Class, RN, HMS Assistance, Born 12 Nov 1893 Died 1978
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