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This page is designed to get you started in understanding more about the structure of Donkipedia and Jerripedia and how you can start contributing to pages where you have particular knowledge to share.

It covers the basic page features, an introduction to some of the special pages, how to contribute to pages (whether they are new or already have some content). It also covers the (very simple) features which help you format pages, and the Golden Rules of Donkipedia about what to contribute.

If you have any questions, please post a question on my talk page. For details of how to do this, see Special Pages below (don't forget to sign it). If enough people ask me the same question, then I will either update this page, or add it to the FAQ.

Guide to Page Features

Donkipedia and Jerripedia are made up of a series of articles or pages. Each article has a number of other pages associated with it. These are accessed through the tabs that appear at the top of each page with the titles Page, Discussion, Edit, History and Watch.


The Page page is the main content of the article. This is the page that most Donkipedia visitors will see first.


The Discussion page is where any discussions take place related to topics raised by the page. For example, any disputes about the accuracy of the content, where there are conflicting points of view, proposals to rename or move the page or any suggestions of how to improve the page.


Clicking onto the Edit tab takes you to the page where you can actually edit the contents of the page. You need to be registered and logged on in order to contribute. Before you start making any contributions, please refer to Starting a New Page first.


The History page gives a summary of what changes have been made to the page, on which date and by whom. It is possible to see exactly what changes were made to the article using the Compare selected revisions button.


If you would like to be alerted whenever any changes are made to a certain page, then click on the Watch tab. You will then be able to view what changes have been made to pages you are watching on my watchlist.

Special Pages

User Page

Once you are registered you can create your own User Page. When you are logged in, you will see your username displayed at the top right of the page. Click on this to get to your user page, which you can edit in the same way as any Donkipedia page.

Most users write a little bit about themselves and their interests on their user page.

For more details see Logging in.

Associated with your User Page, are four other pages, which you can access once you are logged on through the links in the top right hand corner of your browser: my talk, my preferences, my watchlist, my contributions.

my talk

You also have a User talk page. You can access this by clicking on the my talk link next to your username at the top right of the page. Other people may write messages in your user talk page by editing it, and you can respond. See Talk page for more.

When you post a message on a Discussion page you should include a link to your User Page. You can do this by typing three or four tildes:

  • (~~~ = Username)
  • (~~~~ = Username 01:03, 13 July 2020 (UTC)).

my preferences

The Preferences section allows you to change your email address, password, and control the many different options which control how Donkipedia and Jerripedia work. For more details, see Preferences

my watchlist

Your watchlist shows changes made to pages that you have chosen to watch. For more details see Watching pages.

my contributions

My contributions page lists the edits that you have made. For more details see User Contributions.


Templates provide a preferred structure for pages of a similar type. They ensure that Donkipedia and Jerripedia have consistent formats. Currently available templates can be found in Category:Donkipedia Templates. New templates should be added to this category so that they appear on this list.


Categories provide a way of organising Donkipedia pages into logical groupings. If you create a new page, please check the List of Categories to see which one(s) may be appropriate to your article.

Starting a New Page

Links in Donkipedia pages either show up in blue or in red. Those that show up in blue link to articles. If you see a red link, it means that the link leads to a page or article that has not been created yet. If you would like to make a start on that article, all you have to do is click on the red link, and it will take you into Edit mode of the page in question. You can then make a start on the page. For details of how to format the text, see the section below on Wiki Markup.

Before creating a new page, check whether there is a relevant template. This can help provide you with structure to your page, and will also make sure that Donkipedia has a consistent look and feel.

Also check the List of Categories, and add appropriate category links into your page, to make your page show up under those categories. You can do this by including the wiki markup [[Category:Category Name]].

Once you have completed your article, click on the Show preview button to check whether you have made any mistakes, you can then correct these before clicking on the Save page button.

Editing an Existing Page

Major changes

Before making any major changes to an existing article, you should first post a comment onto the Discussion page of the relevant article. Outline your proposed changes, to make sure that no-one objects. If there is a difference of opinion or conflicting sources, the best solution would be explain that in the text of the article, without deleting the chunks of the article itself.

If you need any help with formatting the way the text appears in the article, see the Wiki Markup section below.

When you have made any changes to an existing page, you should:

  1. click Show preview button, to check that there are no errors in the text or formatting
  2. add a short description of the changes you have made into the Summary box (just above the Save page button)
  3. click Save page

Minor changes

For minor changes, there is no need to post a message to the Discussion page first, just make the change, and then follow the steps outlined above for Major changes.

When you have made any minor changes to an existing page, you should:

  1. click Show preview button, to check that there are no errors in the text or formatting
  2. add a short description of the changes you have made into the Summary box (just above the Save page button)
  3. check the This is a minor edit tick box
  4. click Save page

Wiki Markup

Once you are in the Edit page of an article, you can change the text as normal. You will also find that the edit pages contain a lot of other characters and symbols - these are used to help format how the text appears in the article. These characters are called Wiki Markup. It is quite quick to master the basics of this, and a good introduction can be found at Editing pages.

Some of the more commonly-used Special Characters appear below the edit box - by clicking on them, the characters will be automatically inserted into the page.

Internal links

You can easily create links to other pages in Donkipedia and Jerripedia by surrounding your text with square brackets or using the internal links button at the top of the editing page. However, use this feature carefully and sparingly because otherwise you run the risk of littering articles with blue and red text. Blue is OK, because that shows a link which works; red is a link to a page which does not yet exist.

Don't create an internal link for every reference to the same word in an article - a link from the first occurrence usually suffices. It is OK to create links to new pages if you intend to create these pages now, but articles with a mass of red text, indicating intended links which have been forgotten, make the site look very untidy.

The site administrators will create lists of forthcoming articles on menu pages, because these are intended to advise site users of what they can expect to find in the next few weeks. They are also an invitation to other users to create these articles if they possess the relevant information.

Before you save a page, use the 'Show Preview' button to check whether the links you have created are working. The link must be identical to the destination page, including any punctuation, capital letters etc.

Citing Sources

An additional feature, which has recently been added are the <ref> ... </ref> tags, which are used for creating footnotes and citing sources. Simply include the tags either side of the name of the source or contents of the footnote you wish to insert. Then add the tag <references /> at the end of the text, where you want to list the footnotes.

For more details, see Citations.

Contributing images

The uploading of images in Donkipedia is currently disabled.

What to contribute

Anything to do with Guernsey and Jersey. An up-to-date list of current priorities will always be included in the Community Portal - so that is a good place to start.

If you would like to start a major new category, please start a discussion on the topic first at the Have Your Say page.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why are the sites called Donkipedia and Jerripedia?
It is a clever combination of Wikipedia for Donkeys. Donkey is a term used in the Channel Islands to describe someone from Guernsey, in the same way that people from Jersey are called Crapauds.
Crapaudpedia didn't have that same ring to it, so we have used the patois name for Jersey, Jèrri, but left out the accent, which is cumbersome in headlines and cannot be used for a website address.

Wiki software

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.
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