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Street History - Halkett Place, early businesses

A map of St Helier in 1834, showing that only nine years after it was opened, Halkett Place had properties on both sides throughout its full length. The street runs from the bottom right-hand corner of the map, past the market (shown as two black rectangles on the corner with Beresford Street), past the French Congretational Chapel, to Burrard Street. Beyond the junction is Grove Place, which was renumbered as part of Halkett Place in the 1890s. Here it peters out gradually into open fields and orchards some way short of the gardens at the back of Vauxhall Street houses

This page is an addition to our set of four articles on the histories of the businesses and residents of Halkett Place from 1841 to the end of the 19th century

Tracing the history of businesses and residents of St Helier is quite easy from the 1870s onwards, because one or more almanacs was published each year, and from 1874 they included listings of occupants of properties along St Helier's Streets. The annual censuses at ten-intervals from 1871 provide further valuable information. Before this period, the censuses of 1861 and 1851 are the only reliable source of information on who lived where and what businesses were undertaken. This is complicated somewhat by the fact that censuses only listed occupants of properties, not the businesses they carried out, although this can sometimes be worked out from information given about individuals' occupations.

But just because a master plumber lived at a particular address, it does not necessarily mean that he ran his business there. The 1841 census, the first to be undertaken in Jersey, is only of limited help because it does not show many property numbers and it is not always possible to work out where people lived in a particular street.

Useful guides

There are two useful guides to businesses in St Helier before 1841. They are commercial directories in Strangers' guide to the Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, 1833, and Guide to the Island of Jersey, by Abraham Le Cras, 1834. They conveniently coincide with the publication of the Le Gros map of St Helier (see section at top of page). Businesses will inevitably have paid for inclusion in these commercial directories, so they are by no means complete. Some show full names and full addresses of traders; some just give a surname and street.

We have combined information in the two directories to produce this list of Halkett Place traders in the 1830s. Property numbers which are not included almost certainly had businesses operating there - they just did not pay to be included.

  • 1 Aubin, Lottery Office
  • 2 L Groisard, grocer and spirits seller
  • 3 C Huet, hairdresser and Lottery Office
  • 5 P Nicolle, draper
  • 6 Le Lievre, printer, bookseller and stationer
  • 7 Romeril, milliner
  • 9 Henry Millard, gunmaker and auctioneer
  • 10 Paddock, surgeon
  • 11 J Joste, grocer and spirits seller; baker
  • 12 Kaines, auctioneer, fruiterer
  • 13 R Jeffreys, grocer and spirits seller; tea dealer
  • 14 R Dodge, saddler; Miller, brush maker
  • 15 W Blanchard, boarding house
  • 16 Lyon Sims, china and glass retailer; auctioneer; the Birmingham Warehouse
  • 17 J Gavey, grocer and spirits seller
  • 18 J Frost, Saddler
  • 19 Saunders, seedsman
  • 20 E Biard, draper, milliner
  • 22 J Talbot, hairdresser
  • 23 du Feu, baker
  • 24 E Osborne, grocer and spirits seller
  • 25 C Kernot, West of England Fire Office agent
  • 26 Charles Fauvel, grocer and spirits seller; baker
  • 27 G Amy, currier and leather dealer
  • 29 Maria Hill, school
  • 30 W Waldon, brazier
  • 31 J Renouf, baker
  • 33 Claris, grocer and spirits seller
  • 37 M Bigrel, grocer and spirits seller
  • 38 J Gruchy, draper and milliner
  • 39 John Falle, gunmaker
  • 41 M Abel, baker; Misses Roussel, milliners
  • 42 J Anley, grocer, tea and spirits seller
  • 43 J Carre, grocer and spirits seller

Sundry businesses for which no address was given

  • Anderson, brazier
  • Le Geyt and Co, coal merchants
  • Le Feuvre, china and glass seller
  • S Smith, china and glass
  • Becquet, dyer
  • G Blampied, grocer and spirits seller
  • Ereaut, draper
  • Groizard, painter and glazier
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