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Warden of the Isles, 1206-1212
Hasculf du Suligny

It is not known exactly what role Hasculf performed in the Channel Islands but it seems likely that he took over responsibility for Jersey on behalf of King John from Pierre de Préaux after the fall of Normandy in 1204 and after the first French invasion had been repulsed, with the title Gardien (Warden)

Castle started

When the islands decided to remain loyal to King John he started the process of fortifying them against potential French invasions and the first major project was the construction of a castle at Gorey, eventually known as Mont Orgueil. Hasculf is credited with overseeing the start of this project. A letter survives, dated November 1212, in which King John ordered Hasculf to hand over the island and the castle to Philippe d’Aubigné, who is the first well documented Warden of the Isles.

Separate wardens

d'Aubigné had already had responsibility for Guernsey, Alderney and Sark from 1207 so it appears that initially it was decided to appoint a separate Warden for each Bailiwick. The two roles were then combined in Philippe d'Aubigné in 1212. On 19 May 1206, Geoffroi de Lucy, who preceded d'Aubigné in Guernsey and Hasculf du Suligny are mentioned as being in the islands at the same time.

No record of du Suligny's appointment exists but he is mentioned in November 1212 when Philippe d'Aubigné was appointed to Jersey. "Philippo de Albiniaco eunti in insulam de Jerres, quam Hasculfus de Suligny habuit in custodia".

English resident

The Rotuli litterarum clausarum contains orders relating to the government of Jersey addressed to de Suligny on 2 and 3 October 1207. It appears that he lived in England rather than Jersey because there are several mentions of the voyages he undertook to return from England to the Channel Islands.

Warden of the Isles
Predecessor Successor
Hasculf du Suligny
Philippe d'Aubigné
1207-1221, 1232-1234
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