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Sir Henry (Henri) de Trubleville (Turbeville), (d. 1239) Warden of the Isles 1230 - 1232, 1234 - 1239


Henri was married to Hawise de London. For both of them it was a second marriage.

Seige of Brescia

Henri was a soldier and administrator in Gascony for King Henry III. In 1238 the king sent him in command of 100 knights to serve under his son-in-law, the German Emperor, Frederick II, in the seige of Brescia.


On 22 June 1230 Henri, then Senechal of Gascony, was appointed Warden of the Isles for life. The terms employed in the letters patent of his appointment were "commisimus (insulas)... custodiendas et tenendas toto tempore vite sue ad se sustentandum in servicio nostro". On 31 July this appointment was notified to the Warden he replaced, Richard de Gray.

Afterwards the king appears to have wanted Henri to have the revenues of the islands without the work of Warden because, in 1232, he nominated other Wardens. By 22 November 1234 Henri is being referred to in correspondence as Lord of the Isles rather than Warden.

Archives in the French départment of Manche include letters from Henri dominus insularum of 8 June 1238, bearing his seal. A mould of this seal is in the French National Archives.

  • Full biography in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
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