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Hubert family page

This name can be traced back to the 14th century in Jersey


Wilfred, Hilda and Frank Hubert

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Origin of Surname

This family name derives from the personal name Hubert.

Le Quesnes and Huberts at Le Bourg

Recorded in many spellings this is a surname of pre 7th century Germanic and Norse origins. It derives from the personal name Hugibert, a compound of "hug" meaning heart, and "beorht" - bright or famous, a translation which no doubt contributed to its early popularity. The name was probably introduced into both Britain and France in the 8th century by Viking invaders.

Early records

Hubert is of long standing in Jersey and can be found in the Assize Roll of 1299 and that of 1309. The Huberts were among the King`s tenants of the Demesne in Jersey, a class of tenants of whom Jersey`s medieval historian, G.F.B. de Gruchy, wrote: "This class of tenants has really been of great historical importance in Jersey. In the first place they earned by their labour the greater part of the old Ducal revenue and a large part of the later Royal revenue, upon which the administration and defence of the Island chiefly depended. Then in the Middle Ages some of the larger of these tenants became jurats, and their families became quite as influential as many of the old seigneurial families. Examples are the Le Loreurs, Poingdestres, Morins, Huberts…." [Medieval Land Tenures in Jersey, 27, 28]

The early 20th century Jersey genealogist, C.T.Langton, recorded that in 1299 Jean Hubert was the Clerk [Greffier] of the King`s Court. In 1309 Robert Hubert possessed the carucate [Fief] of Ponterrin in St Saviour, a parish with which his family was long associated. That same year, the Assizes records show that Reginald Hubert was Parson (sic) of Longueville, whilst Jean Hubert, (perhaps the Greffier above], bought land in St Peter and William Hubert lived in St Saviour. In 1318 Jean Hubert was a Jurat of the Royal Court, as was another Jean Hubert in 1352 and 1356. Furthermore, the 1331 Extente shows that the family then owned land in St Martin, which parish adjoins St Saviour. Hence Jean Hubert of St Saviour owed the Crown, as also mentioned in the 1528 Extente, 2 1/2 quartiers of rente on behalf of his kinsman Jean Hubert of St Martin, whilst in the neighbouring parish of Trinity, there was the Fief Hubert. It should be noted that the King`s Demesne in St Saviour covered most of the northern and north-eastern portion of the parish, such as Maufant.

Bennet, Michel and Symon Hubert are mentioned in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550

The name appears regularly in the parish baptismal registers, starting in St Saviour in 1544, within a few years of such registers being maintained by law. The following record predates those registers:

  • Jean Hubert was born in St Saviour, Jersey about 1510 and died in 1601. He was the son of Simon Hubert and Collette Falle and married Catherine Guille, or Guillaume. They had a daughter Jeanne (1566-1616) who married John Aubin


  • Hubert, the only form found in Jersey
  • Hubaud
  • Hubeau
  • Hubeaux

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Hubert sisters

Clara Louisa, Helena Mary, Agnes, Eva Alexandrina and Alice were sisters, daughters of John and Alexandrine, nee Thebault. They also had three brothers, John Francis, Francis John and Philip Ernest. This family is not related to earlier Hubert families in Jersey. John's father came to the island from France in the 19th century. We have not yet been able to trace sufficient ancestry details in France to create a family tree

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