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Swimmers in 'proper' costumes at the Havre des Pas Pool

1897 - Henry Ahier and George Dorey fell foul of a new regulation which had been brought in by the States three months earlier. They were accused of bathing without proper costumes at West Park beach at 8.30 on a Sunday morning. Ahier told the Court that he had bathed in the same place with the same drawers for many years without complaint and produced his costume as evidence.

Mr Renouf, who had also been bathing in the area and had seen Ahier and Dorey in the sea, was asked if he himself had been wearing a proper costume. Renouf described his as a ‘full costume, with shoulder straps, reaching below the thighs’.

The problem facing the Magistrate was that the States had not said what a proper costume was, but he decided that Ahier’s was not ‘proper’ and fined both men ten shillings. He suggested that the costume worn by members of the Bathing Club would be the most suitable for the purpose.

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