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Origin of Surname

The surname Jamonneau is derived from the diminutive of the old French name Jame (modern French Jacques, English James). It is common in the Poitou region of France. The first reference to the surname in Guernsey was in the early 18th century when André Jamonneau and his wife, Huguenot refugees, arrived in Guernsey. The spelling was transformed into Jamouneau at around this time, and has stuck ever since.


  • Jamonneau
  • Jamoneau

Notable Guernseymen

  • Arthur J Jamouneau (1865-1927) - organist and composer
  • Walter C Jamouneau (1912-1988) - aircraft engineer, designed of the Piper Cub
  • Joseph J Jamouneau (1838-1893) - early settler of Warracknabeal, Victoria, Australia

Further Reading

  • Curtis, Spencer C, Huguenot Names from Island Sources, Trans Soc Guern, 1941


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