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Jandron family page

This name is found spelt Jandron and Jeandron


Lucille Jeandron was born in St Helier in 1888, the last of five children of Philip and Mary Jane, nee Le Sauteur. She married soldier Walter Hammerton, of the South Stafford Regiment, in 1916. The Regiment moved to Jersey from Lichfield that year and then to Redcar. Lucille went with her husband and after war ended they had three children.

The story of Lucille's mother, Mary Jane Jeandron's tragic life

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Origin of Surname

At first sight the name, in its later spelling of Jeandron, appears to derive from the forename Jean, but the meaning of the suffix 'dron' is unclear, and other spellings suggest that an alternative derivation is perhaps more likely.

However, a French source would seem to confirm the derivation, as being a diminuitive of Jean, and an easy means of indentifying 'Jean the son of Jean'. It is said to come from the Vosges, to be very rare in France, but more common in Belgium.

Early records

The family, whose baptism records are found in St Peter and St Brelade, is known to have settled in St Lawrence as well. It does not appear in island records before the early 18th century. We previously believed that Mathurin Jandron (see family tree below) was the first to arrive, possibly with one or more sons, but it now seems more likely that his father Francois, whose place of birth is not known, but who was buried in St brelade in 1743, was the first arrival.

St Lawrence family

St Lawrence historian Henry Coutanche has written about the family in the journal of the Channel Island Family History Society. They appear in the family tree below covering Jandrons in St Peter and St Lawrence - Descendants of Jacques Jandron and Anne Picot. This is a summary of the journal article which relates to the St Lawrence properties Greenhill Farm and Bel au Vent (sometimes known as Chateau Bel au Vent).

"Being a younger son, Edouard Jandron had to make his own way in life. There would be nothing to inherit from his father's smallholding in St Peter; in fact he inherited nothing from either of his parents. This may explain why he was later so considerate towards his son.
"Early in March 1816 Edouard Jandron bought a substantial rente (9 quartiers 1 cabot) from Jean Picot. This was precisely one quarter of the sum he paid for the Greenhills property he bought from Clement Noel and his wife, Jeanne Godfray, in the contract passed in the Royal Court on 25 May 1816. He had no more to pay as business was conducted, as was customary at that period, through the rente system. The property was encumbered with debts (through rentes) - of a purchase price of 36½ quartiers, 20 quartiers were already owed on the property. Jandron assigned the Picot rente and promised to pay the remaining sum himself.
"For the next 30 years Jandron was transacting regularly. He purchased more land, assigned rentes and was obviously prospering, even if in a modest way. On 11 December 1824 his wife, Marie Hocquard, sold to her brother Jean all her share in the inheritance due to her from her late parents, Abraham Hocquard and Jeanne Anley, for 6 quartiers of rente.
"On the day he sold Greenhill he bought a house in the First Tower district, bordering the Plein de Mars, from Philippe Dorey. He settled there and it became the family home. On 4 April 1868 he sold this property to Edouard Vibert, but due to the latter's death, repurchased from his minor heirs in August of the next year. On 14 February he again sold it, to Elizabeth Noel. But he died within 40 days of the sale and the property seems once again to have reverted to the family.
"Edouard Jandron jnr was now the owner and farmer of the Bel au Vent property - a smallholding of no more than 25 vergees. By 1883 he had retired from farming and was in October leasing the house, buildings and lands to his son, as from the next Christmas, for a period of seven years at the annual sum of £3.75 per vergee. His father retained the use of the parlour and bedroom above, and a small garden, for his own use, but he died before enjoying his retirement.
"The property remained in the hands of the descendants of the family, through the female line, until well after the German Occupation. The last owners were Pinels who have been in this area of the parish for many generations.
"Other papers belonging to the family collection show the last Edouard Jandron buying silks and cotton merchandise from Brussels in 1896."


  • Jandron
  • Jeandron
  • Gendron

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All these trees appear to be interlinked and the last is an attempt to bring everything together in one tree, taking the family back to their French roots in Loire-Atlantique. There remains a question mark over whether the Nicolas Gendron (Jandron) who came to Jersey is the one shown in the French ancestry, but we are reasonably confident about the link


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