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Jean Le Pelley (1899–1982), Jurat


Birth and Education

Jean Le Pelley was born in Genoa, Italy, in October 1899 to Mary Ann Victoria (née White), the wife of Jean Quertier Le Pelley.
Jean studied at the Boys’ Intermediate School and Elizabeth College, Guernsey.


He left Guernsey for a career at the Midland Bank in London, where he joined the foreign department. He also joined the foreign department of La Banca Commerciale Italiana in order to widen his experience.
During World War I, he joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. On demobilisation, he moved back to Genoa where he joined the National City Bank of New York (later ‘Citibank’). In 1938, with Mussolini sequestering the banks, he was entrusted with closing down the Genoa and Milan branches. He then moved to London, where he spent the war as a manager accountant.
He also used his skills in seven languages to assist in writing and broadcasting propaganda. After the war he was in New York and then charged with opening branches all over Europe. He also travelled widely in Africa and the Middle East and became well known in financial circles connected with the Vatican, UNESCO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation and NATO.


In 1964 Le Pelley retired to Guernsey, but remained director of Kleinwort Benson (Guernsey) Ltd and of Citibank (Guernsey) Ltd.
In 1967 he was appointed Jurat of the Royal Court, in which capacity he served until October 1974. He also worked for the Island’s States Ancient Monuments Committee, the National Trust of Guernsey and as Treasurer of the Court of Seigneurs. He was elected president of La Société Guernesiaise in 1970. He sat on various other committees such as the Post Office Committee and the Management Committee of the Guille-Allès Library.
In 1971 he was appointed to the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, with the title ‘Cavalière’.


Jean Le Pelley died in Guernsey on 25 September 1982.


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