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Jersey's culture

So much about Jersey is different, particularly from other parts of the British Isles.

It has its own currency, cows, potatoes, postal service and stamps, delicious dishes not found anywhere else and much more. This section is dedicated to these many peculiarities and other parts of the culture and community life which make Jersey special.

Find out about customs and traditions of the distant, and not-so-distant past; Jersey's industries, past and present; public services and everything else which makes the island tick.

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The Church

Gorey 1860-3.jpg

The influence of the Church in Jersey declined in the second half of the 20th century, but until then it had an important role to play in island politics and at times the clergy were the dominant force in dictating the lives of the population

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The Jersey

Jersey has given its name to a state in the USA, a famous breed of cattle, new potatoes and milk, but it is the traditional fisherman's sweater which carried the island name which is the most widespread of all island exports. Today 'jersey' is common parlance for almost any type of sweater, but there was a time when the jersey was unique to its native island, and the principal occupation of large numbers of the population was knitting them, as well as woollen stockings for export. Read all about The Jersey and the tradition of islanders gathering in each others homes for knitting sessions,until the States was forced to take action because the land was being neglected.

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