Jeune family members who fought in the Great War

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Jeune family members who served in the Great War


Alfred Thomas Jeune

Three members of the family died in World War One and another 22 saw active service

  • John George Jeune, Mercantile Marine, Ketch Martin, killed
  • Hugo St Helier Jeune (1894- ), son of E B Jeune, Gunner in Gloucestershire Regiment, killed in action in 1917
  • Wallace Jeune (1890- ) son of George Philip and Alice, Gunner in Canadian Field Artillery, killed in action in 1917, aged 28
  • Alfred Thomas Jeune (St H), Armourer Staff Sgt in Royal Army Ordnance Corps, ex-RMIJ
  • Francis Frederick Jeune (1860- ) (St S), son of John and Jame Mary Wall, 2nd Officer, Mercantile Marine, ss Elsa
  • Francis Herbert Jeune (1883- ), 1st Officer Mercantile Marine, HMT Kanchow, died Shanghai 1945 as PoW
  • George Jeune (St S), Private, RASC
  • George Alfred Jeune (St Mt), Petty Officer RNR
  • George Sidney Jeune (1888- ) (St H), son of George Sydney and Jane Elizabeth Thomas, Able Seaman RN, HMS Columbine
  • George William Jeune, Jersey mother, Sapper RE
  • James John Jeune (St H), Private in Essex Regiment, wounded
  • John Jeune (St P), Private Cheshire Regiment
  • John Jeune, Able Seaman, Mercantile Marine,ketch Louise Ernest
  • Lionel Mansell Jeune (1880- ) (St Mt), Major RE, d 1943, Egypt, Lt-Col Intelligence Corps
  • Percy Alexandre Jeune (1886- ) (St H), Private in Somerset Light Infantry, brother of Stanley Fauvel and Thomas George
  • Reginald Valpy Jeune (St C), Private in Labour Corps
  • Stanley Fauvel Jeune (1895- ) (St H), Armourer's Mate RN, HMS Monitor, brother of Percy Alexandre and Thomas George
  • Stanley Philip Jeune (1898- ) (St H), son of Philip Godeaux and Alice Mary, Private in Somerset Light Infantry
  • Thomas Charles Jeune (1884- )(St H), son of Edwin and Mary Jane Marie, Private in Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion
  • Thomas George Jeune MC (St H), Captain, Somerset Light Infantry, no family details or MC citation found
  • Thomas J Jeune, Jersey father, Able Seaman RN, HMS Wyvern
  • Touzel Mollet Jeune (1866- ) (St Mt), son of Philippe Elie and Elizabeth, Mercantile Marine
  • Walter Philip Jeune (1885-1958), son of Helier, Sge Canadian Army Service Corps
  • Walter Philip Jeune (1889- ), musician RM, HMS Hood
  • William Charles Jeune (1888-1940), married Eugenie Pichon, Petty Officer RN, HMS Wishart, killed 1940 with wife during Portsmouth bombing
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