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John de Havilland Utermarck (1818-1884) was Bailiff of Guernsey 1883-1884.

He was born in Guernsey on 2 December 1818, the second son of T S C Dobrée Utermarck and Mary De Havilland.

Educated at Elizabeth College 1828-36, followed by Caen University where he gained Bachelier-en-Droit and D en Droit.

He was called to the Guernsey Bar in 1839. He was appointed HM Comptrolleur in 1845, and then HM Procureur in 1851.

He succeeded Sir Peter Stafford Carey as Bailiff of Guernsey in 1883, but unfortunately died the following year.

He was a Director of Elizabeth College 1864-69.

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